Is 2014 Harbaugh's last season with 49ers?

YSTL: Is 2014 Harbaugh's last year with 49ers?

Is 2014 Harbaugh's last season with 49ers?
February 25, 2014, 10:30 pm
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It would not at all surprise me if 2014 is his final season.
Matt Maiocco on Jim Harbaugh

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Is this Jim Harbaugh's last year with the 49ers?

That's the question Jim Kozimor asked on Tuesday night's edition of Yahoo SportsTalk Live.

The answers were mixed:

Mark Kreidler: "No, I don't think so. I think they probably wind up working out a short-term extension ... I understand why this week people might be inclined to feel that way. I think when the dust settles, Jed York, who still has a great relationship with Jim Harbaugh, probably sits down and gets something ironed out."

Matt Maiocco: "If it's simmering right now, next season it will be boiling; late in the season, after the season is over. It would not at all surprise me if 2014 is his final season ... I think something is gonna happen after the next season; I think that's the make or break year."

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Tim Kawakami: "I think it's 51 to 49 percent, I'd lean towards it's not ... But even if he gets an extension, even if he wins the Super Bowl, even if you fire Trent Baalke, I'm not sure he's going much more than one year. It's just not who he is..."

What do you think 49ers fans? Should the 49ers lock up Harbaugh long-term?