49ers' Lee wearing protective thumb brace, injury updates

September 11, 2012, 10:19 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- NFL injury reports are not released until Wednesday, but it's possible that punter Andy Lee's name is included when this week's is published. He wore a protective splint favoring his right thumb in the 49ers locker room Tuesday.

Are there any doubts about being able to play against the Lions on Sunday?

"No, not in my mind," Lee said after indicating he was not allowed to talk about it. It's important the hand is healthy, as Lee uses it as the 49ers' place holder for extra points and field goals.

Lee suffered the injury while attempting to tackle Packers return man Randall Cobb in the 49ers' 30-22 win. The kicker seemed equally concerned that his special teams unit allowed a touchdown after going all last season without doing so.
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Cobb's 75-yard touchdown return wasn't without its controversy, though. There appeared to be a number of blatant Green Bay blocks in the back -- most notably on Anthony Dixon -- that sprung Cobb.

Lee was diplomatic in his assessment, avoiding commentary about the officiating.

"I think I could have hit a little higher punt," Lee said. "But then again, I think we had some decent position on it. I think the guys did a decent job and there was just some, uh, things that were there that, uh, I guess caused them not to be able to get into their positions. I can't speak for any calls that were made.

"It's good that it happens early," Lee said. "It's something we can learn from and move forward this year, all of us."
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Lee averaged 51.2 yards in his first five punts of 2012, pinning three of them within the Packers' 20-yard line.

Brandon Jacobs and Ted Ginn, both of whom missed Sunday's game, each appeared healthy in the 49ers locker room on Tuesday.

"Feels good," Jacobs said, "No updates."

At one point, Jacobs stormed through the locker room curtains like a new sheriff in an old western town, turned to a young man that his intimidating figure towered over and growled, "What are you looking at?" before cracking a smile as he bounded off on his way.

Left guard Mike Iupati appeared to be limping and favoring his right leg after the win Sunday, but he looked limber in the locker room and had nothing to say about any injuries.

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