49ers Mailbag: Cap room for Kap

49ers Mailbag: Cap room for Kap
March 18, 2014, 1:30 pm
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The 49ers currently have $3.726 million in cap space and will add $6.6 million from Carlos Rogers' release. (USATSI)

Only five teams have less salary-cap room than the 49ers, but the team will realize a savings of $6.6 million in June when Carlos Rogers’ scheduled base salary is officially wiped from the books.

During our weekly chat, loyal reader Will posed the question: “Does the remaining cap space along with the Rogers eventual added amount allow for enough room to extend Colin Kaepernick?”

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The answer is: Yes, the 49ers have enough salary-cap space to work out a lucrative long-term extension with their presumptive franchise quarterback.

The 49ers are currently $3.726 million under the salary cap. Fitting their draft picks under the cap is expected to eat up approximately $2 million in additional cap space. Then, Rogers’ post-June 1 designation will create significant savings.

When talk comes around to a possible Kaepernick extension, the Baltimore Ravens’ deal with Joe Flacco often gets cited. Last March, Flacco signed a six-year, $120.6 million contract extension that included a $29 million signing bonus and total guarantees of $51 million.

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The deal was structured in such a way that Flacco had a $1 million base salary in the first year of his contract. And his first-year cap figure was a manageable $6.8 million. If the 49ers used that same salary structure they created nearly all the cap room they would need with Rogers’ cut.

Flacco’s cap number in his second year jumped to $14.8 million. The Ravens, by the way, are currently $9.061 million under the cap.