49ers offensive player-by-player review vs. Vikings


49ers offensive player-by-player review vs. Vikings

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the 49ers's offense from their 17-6 exhibition victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Friday:OFFENSE
1-Josh Johnson: He was the fourth quarterback to enter the game. He played 18 snaps, including three kneeldowns at the end. His night got off to a rough start when he badly missed Ben Hannula on a quick slant. But Johnson made a nice throw a little later when he rolled right and threw a dart to Hannula for 22 yards in fourth quarter. Johnson completed 2 of 4 passes for 30 yards. He was also sacked once for minus-3 yards.
3-Scott Tolzien: He was the third QB to enter the game. He played well, completing 10 of 13 passes for 84 yards. There were a couple dropped passes as well. He threw an interception and he was sacked once for 9 yards. His best throw was when he hung in to take a hit from blitzing safety Andrew Sendejo. Tolzien's pass got out to Nathan Palmer, who dropped what would've been a 20-plus-yard completion. He ran some no-huddle at start of the fourth quarter. He did not see a wide-open Konrad Reuland in the red zone for what would've been an easy touchdown. Instead, he dumped off a pass to Rock Cartwright that went for a 2-yard loss.
7-Colin Kaepernick: He entered the game for the 49ers' second offensive series and immediately found himself in the comfort zone with a no-huddle offense and option offense. He faked an inside handoff to LaMichael James and took off running. He fended off cornerback Chris Cook with a stiff arm at the 12-yard line on his way to a 78-yard TD run. On second series, made an ill-advised late throw to A.J. Jenkins that could've easily been intercepted. He was lucky it was just incomplete. He completed 5 of 9 passes for 40 yards, and was sacked once for 6 yards.
11-Alex Smith: Started at quarterback and played the opening drive, which consisted of 12 plays, en route to a touchdown. Did very good job of beating blitz with pass to Kendall Hunter that gained 9 yards on first drive. Threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Brett Swain with a back-shoulder throw. He completed all three attempts for 16 yards.RECAP: First half vs. Vikings -- Offensive playing time
Running backs
21-Frank Gore: Did not play.
23-LaMichael James: Lined up deep on first kickoff return unit. He averaged 23 yards on two kickoff returns and he handled one fair catch on a punt. On offense, he played 11 snaps, carrying three times for 15 yards.
24-Anthony Dixon: He played special teams, fullback and halfback and had an up-and-down night. He lined up on front line on first kickoff return unit. Did a respectable job as a blocker. He took down linebacker Tyone McKenzie on a 4-yard run by Rock Cartwright in third quarter. Linebacker Marvin Mitchell got past him and Joe Looney to drop Cartwright for a 6-yard loss. Dropped short pass from Johnson. Did not step up in front of Johnson to help in blitz pickup on play in which Johnson was sacked. Demonstrated good feet to get around outside when nothing was there to pick up 7 yards late in fourth quarter. Made another mental mistake when he ran out of bounds with 2:19 remaining. He did that in practice last week and was scolded for it. Dixon finished with 46 yards on 12 carries (3.8 average).
28 Rock Cartwright: Lined up on first kickoff coverage unit to open the game. Lined up on first kickoff return unit. Although his value to the team is on special teams, Cartwright also showed some good stuff on offense. He gained 44 yards on eight rushing attempts (5.5 yards), including a 19-yarder on the 49ers' opening drive. Cartwright played 26 snaps of offense.
32-Kendall Hunter: Started at halfback and played six snaps. Did a good job of picking up linebacker Erin Henderson on a blitz on first drive. He carried five times for 24 yards (4.8 average).
33-Jewell Hampton: Did not play; on non-football injury list.
44-Cameron Bell: He entered in the second half and played fullback while Dixon lined up at halfback. He did not touch the ball. But he made good block to enable Dixon to pick up 9 yards on a third-and-8. Good block on cornerback Bobby Felder on Dixon's 12-yard run late in the game.
45-Brandon Jacobs: He played just seven snaps of offense but made the most of it. Four times he got the ball on situations that called for 1 yard to get a first down, and four times he succeeded. He finished with 31 yards on four rushes (7.8 average). He simply outran safety Mistral Raymond to get to the outside on a 23-yard run on the opening drive. Showed very good feet to avoid Brinkley to pick up 2 yards on a second-and-1.
49-Bruce Miller: Entered the game at fullback on the 49ers' second offensive play and made the most of his three offensive snaps. He took down safety Jamarca Sanford with a block that opened the way for Cartwright's 19-yard run. Stood up linebacker Jasper Brinkley to open way for Jacobs' 23-yard run. Wide receivers
9-Brian Tyms: He played 35 snaps, mostly in the second half, and caught the only pass that came his way for a 12-yard gain.
10-Kyle Williams: He played 13 offensive snaps and caught two passes for 12 yards. More impressive, he handled three punts flawlessly on a in which the wind made it difficult. He demonstrated a quick burst to get threw three Vikings up the middle after hauling in second-quarter punt on a 22-yard return. He averaged 14 yards on two returns with one fair catch (when it appeared he had some room to run).
13-Joe Hastings: Did not play.
14-Mario Manningham: Did not play.
15-Michael Crabtree: Started at wide receiver and played five snaps. He saw one pass come his way, and he made the catch for a 3-yard gain.
17-A.J. Jenkins: He got into the game in the first half and played 31 snaps total. He saw six passes come his way, catching two of them for 20 yards. Made a nice catch on a Kaepernick pass at the sideline for a 15-yard reception. Two plays later, he dropped a short pass from Kaepernick. He dropped another pass, this one from Scott Tolzien, at start of the second half. But a couple plays later, made another strong catch of a pass thrown behind him.
18-Brett Swain: Lined up on first kickoff coverage unit to open the game. He beat cornerback Chris Carr with an outside release to make a 4-yard touchdown catch on a back-shoulder throw from Smith. He did a good job of holding up cornerback Chris Cook at the line of scrimmage on Kaepernick's 78-yard TD run. Swain played 12 snaps.
19-Ted Ginn: Started at wide receiver and played five snaps. He did not see any passes come his way. But he had a good block downfield on Carr to help Cartwright finish off his 19-yard run.
35-Ben Hannula: He entered for the final two offensive series, and played 16 snaps. Two passes were thrown his way. The first was uncatchable. He caught the other pass along the left sideline for a 22-yard gain.
81-Chris Owusu: He played 16 snaps of offense and ended up as the 49ers' leading receiver with three catches for 35 yards. He made catch and turned it back inside to 18-yard gain at start of fourth quarter. Made another nice move to catch short pass, cut inside and gain 8 yards on third-and-6. He also did a really good job beating a double-team as a gunner on punt coverage.
84-Randy Moss: Entered the game on the 49ers' third play and played four snaps. He did not see any action come his way.
89-Nathan Palmer: He played 18 snaps, catching three passes for 21 yards. He could've easily had another 20 yards, but he dropped a pass from Tolzien as he tried to spin and get up the field.Tight ends
40-Demarcus Dobbs: He played 16 snaps on offense, in addition to his duties on defense. He did not have any catches, and his blocking looked to be acceptable.
46-Delanie Walker: Started as the second tight end and saw action on seven snaps. He did not see any passes come his way.
47-Kyle Nelson: He did not play any on offense.
48-Garrett Celek: Lined up on first kickoff coverage unit to open the game. He played 28 snaps on offense. Made good block on linebacker Tyrone McKenzie on play in which Jacobs picked up first down on a third-and-1 run. Made 11-yard reception in third quarter, fumbled, but recovered it to retain possession. He finished with the one catch for 9 yards.
82-Nate Byham: Did not play.
85-Vernon Davis: Started at tight end and played 11 snaps, but did not see any passes come his way.
88-Konrad Reuland: He played 41 snaps and caught two passes for 17 yards. He also did a good job as a blocker. He made a pancake block defensive end D'Aundre Reed on play in which Jacobs converted a third-and-1 run. Helped create hole for Dixon on a 12-yard run with his block on outside linebacker Solomon Elimimian.Offensive line
59-Jonathan Goodwin: Started at center and played 14 snaps. Rode defensive tackle Red Evans out of the way to help open a lane for Jacobs on his fourth-and-1 run.
60-Garrett Chisolm: He played the final 10 snaps, including three kneeldowns, at left guard behind Mike Iupati, Derek Hall, Joe Looney and Mike Person.
61-Chase Beeler: He played just eight snaps at center behind Jonathan Goodwin and Daniel Kilgore. He looked good in one-on-one pass protection, and had a pancake block on Tydreke Powell on a play that resulted in a short run gain.
62-Jason Slowey: He played the final 18 snaps at center. He missed a couple practices last week, and there was some rust. But he had no glaring mistakes.
65-Al Netter: He played the final two series at left tackle after Joe Staley and Mike Person handled the first three quarters.
66-Joe Looney: He played 28 snaps at left guard and 18 at right guard. He mostly looked good, but there were a couple issues, too. Mitchell got past him and Dixon to drop Cartwright for a 6-yard loss. Did not spot blitzing Audie Cole coming his way until it was too late to prevent a 9-yard sack in third quarter. Called for a false start on the next play.
67-Daniel Kilgore: Lined up on first kickoff return unit. Entered with the second-team offense at center. He played 34 snaps and showed some promise. He needs to get a little more stout at the point of attack.
68-Leonard Davis: Entered with the second offense at right guard and played 20 snaps. He did a good job getting push in the inside run game.
69-Kenny Wiggins: Entered with the second offense at right tackle and played the final 60 snaps of the game at that spot. He provided a block on defensive tackle Trevor Guyton to open way for Jacobs to gain first down on a third-and-1 run in second quarter. Called for false start in third quarter.
71-Derek Hall: Entered with the second unit at left guard in the second quarter. On his first play, defensive tackle Fred Evans got past him to drop Kaepernick for a 7-yard sack. He settled down and did not experience many problems while playing 14 snaps at left guard and 22 at right guard.
74-Joe Staley: Started at left tackle and played 14 snaps without any problems.
75-Alex Boone: Started at right guard and played 14 snaps. Did a good job while working mostly against defensive tackle Christian Ballard.
76-Anthony Davis: Started at right tackle and played 14 snaps. He made a good block against defensive tackle Christian Ballard on Jacobs' fourth-down run in the first quarter. But committed false-start penalty on the next play. He took linebacker Marvin Mitchell completely out of the play to the left to open the way for Kaepernick on his 78-yard TD run.
77-Mike Iupati: Started at right tackle and played 14 snaps. Got kick-out block on cornerback Chris Carr to help Hunter gain 14 yards on opening drive.
78-Mike Person: Entered with the second unit at left tackle and played 42 snaps. Then, he switched to left guard, where he played eight snaps. While at left tackle, he surrendered a pressure on a spin move from Nick Reed, who got a hand on Tolzien's arm to force an interception.

49ers safety Reid endorses LSU safety Adams: 'We'd have to battle it out'

49ers safety Reid endorses LSU safety Adams: 'We'd have to battle it out'

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers already have three safeties selected within the top two rounds of the draft.

But as the organization has considered its options with the No. 2 overall pick, LSU safety Jamal Adams had been in the discussion. Adams recently visited the 49ers, where he and Eric Reid had a chance to catch up with each other.

Reid’s final season at LSU was 2013. The 49ers traded up to select him with the No. 18 overall pick. The 49ers drafted Jimmie Ward at the end of the first round in 2014, and Jaquiski Tartt was a second-round pick in 2015.

In the past 25 years, only two safeties -- Eric Berry (2010) and Sean Taylor (2004) – have been selected in the top five. Both were chosen with the No. 5 overall selection. Adams has a chance to go as early as No. 2 overall.

“I’m excited to see where he ends up. He could end up here. You know what I’m saying?” Reid said on Wednesday at the 49ers’ voluntary minicamp.

“He’s the best one in the draft. Someone will be very happy to have him, I’m sure.”

Adams (5 foot 11 ¾, 214 pounds) is considered more of a box safety. He recorded five interceptions in his 36-game college career, but Reid said he believes Adams can also play free safety.

“No doubt,” Reid said. “The kid can do it all. That’s why they got him projected to go where he is. I believe he could.”

In the 49ers’ new defense, which is based on Seattle’s scheme, Ward is getting a long look at free safety in the team’s minicamp. Ward started at cornerback last season.

After recording seven interceptions in his first two seasons, Reid has one interception over the past two seasons. He played 10 games last season before sustaining a season-ending with a torn biceps.

Reid said he is learning a new position but he believes playing closer to the line of scrimmage suits him. He is set to become a free agent at the end of the season as he plays this year with a salary of $5.676 million on the fifth-year option.

“I’m used to being on the back end,” Reid said. “I’m used to dealing with a lot more space. So, really, it’s the run game. And the run fits, knowing the gap schemes, the run (stunts) and knowing where the D-linemen are going to fit and filling the holes. That’s been the biggest difference for me.

“I like it. I’m a bigger safety in this league, so I think it’ll work for me.”

And what if the 49ers select Adams on Thursday evening?

”That’ll be interesting,” Reid said. “We’d have to battle it out. We’ll see how it goes.”

Reid: National anthem protest accomplished goal of awareness

Reid: National anthem protest accomplished goal of awareness

SANTA CLARA – Safety Eric Reid and linebacker Eli Harold, who joined Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem last season, will not continue the protest this season.

Reid said Wednesday they achieved their goal of bringing attention to racial inequality in the United States.

“When we started doing that, our goal was to open up the floor to conversation. I believe we’ve achieved that goal,” Reid said. “So now we just want to move forward and just partner with people that’s trying to make a change.

“We accomplished that goal. People talked about it. I think we raised a lot of awareness about issues in this country. And now it’s time to move on to just affecting change.”

Reid and Harold are back with the 49ers, while Kaepernick remains a free agent. The 49ers have expressed no interest in retaining Kaepernick after opting to sign free-agent quarterback Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley, instead.

“I stay in touch with him,” Reid said of Kaepernick. “I’m rooting for him. Obviously, he isn’t on a team, yet, but I’m rooting for him but hopefully he gets that call after the draft.

“It’s surprising. You see some of the other quarterbacks that have been signed around the league and why he hasn’t been, it’s just unfortunate.”

When asked if thought Kaepernick was paying the price for his protest, Reid answered, “I think so. It’s unfortunate, it’s sad. People want to shy away from him because of media, PR reasons.

“You’re doing something to better the world. I mean, the guy got a plane sent to Somalia to help with the famine there. He’s been doing things that if it were anybody else in a different situation without the anthem (protest), they’d be praising him and giving him awards for it.”