49ers unanimous in their reviews on Levi's Stadium

49ers unanimous in their reviews on Levi's Stadium
August 18, 2014, 12:00 pm
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The 49ers' first regular season game at Levi's Stadium is Sunday night, Sept. 14, against the Chicago Bears. (AP)

The 49ers lost to the Broncos 34-0 in Levi's Stadium inaugural football game.

Despite the poor performance, players were unified in their thoughts about the franchise's new home in Santa Clara:


Colin Kaepernick
"It was great to be out there ... It's a great atmosphere. I think we'll have a lot more noise here than at Candlestick from what it sounded like today."

Frank Gore
"It felt fast. It felt great out there. But as you know, I have great feet."

Vernon Davis
"It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. Breathtaking. I love it. I get lost here and there. When I first got to San Francisco, it was all Candlestick. But now this, it's a big difference. Night and day."

Eric Reid
"The field is a little young. The grass needs to set a little bit more ... It comes up a little bit. We have a few more weeks for it to set in and I think it will be fine for Chicago."

But what about the overall experience, Mr. Reid?

"A lot better than Candlestick to say the least," Reid said.

Chris Borland
"Today was special. To be able to run out into a full stadium was pretty exciting ... It's incredible. Never really been in a locker room this nice. And the stadium is one of a kind, too, so it's been great.

Daniel Kilgore
"It's obviously a nice stadium but it would be a lot nicer if we had a win to go with it. But it's good to come test it out. It's great for the fans. But again, we just gotta come out at the end of the day with a win. Any time you lose it puts a damper on everything."

Blaine Gabbert
"It's a great environment. They did a wonderful job. But we'd like to put our positive footprint on it with a win."


Corey Lemonier
"It's nice. It's really well done. Locker rooms, facilities, everything. It's well done."

Jim Harbaugh also weighed in.

"I thought the turf was good," the 49ers coach said. "There might have been a spot here and there, but overall very good."