49ers' Walker expecting Alex Smith to start Sunday

November 28, 2012, 1:12 am
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49ers' tight end Delanie Walker was asked about the team's quarterback situation on NFL Network Tuesday. Here is a transcript of his comments:

On who he thinks should be the 49ers starting quarterback:

Theyre both great. Alex Smith did not lose his job he didnt do anything to lose his job. So he should have the right of way to start again. But like youve seen, Colin Kaepernick has been doing a great job of controlling the offense, making great plays and putting us in winning situations.

On if he is surprised at the level of success Colin Kaepernick has had in his first two starts:

Not at all. Kaepernick was doing that last year when he got in here during training camp and he was doing it this year during training camp. Hes always been waiting and he had that moment to go out there and show the world what he can do. He also has a great teacher and thats Alex Smith. He sits there and hes like a sponge. He learns everything Alex teaches him and you can see it when he goes out there and he does what he does on the field.

On if he would be surprised if Alex Smith did not start this week against the St. Louis Rams:

I would probably be a little surprised if Alex Smith did not start because like I said, Alex didnt do anything to lose the job. He got hurt so that gave Colin Kaepernick a chance to go out there and win games, and he did that; especially in the Monday night game, a big one in his first start. But Alex has shown that he can win and he led us to the NFC Championship Game, so Im very confident in Alex. I would be a little surprised but whatever Jim Harbaugh decides, Im going to go with it.

On what has been the difference for the 49ers since the loss to the New York Giants:

That game against the New York Giants, we talked about payback and I think that we shouldnt have been talking about that. So now we go about every game just one game at a time. Doesnt matter who we play, were going to run our game and not change it. We kind of changed it up a little bit for the Giants and now were going back to what we do. Were going to pound the ball, throw it and get short yardage, and let the receivers make the first down for us.