Baalke: Miami incident not changing thoughts on Kaepernick contract

Baalke: Miami incident not changing thoughts on Kaepernick contract
April 25, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Nothing’s changed.
Trent Baalke

SANTA CLARA -- General manager Trent Baalke said Friday his thoughts on a long-term contract extension for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick have not changed since he spoke on the subject last month at the NFL owners meetings.

Kaepernick has been named in a report of a “suspicious incident” that occurred April 1 in Miami, where Kaepernick spent most of the offseason working out. Kaepernick has not been accused of any crime, and Miami Police has stated that there is no evidence that a crime occurred.

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“Any time an individual puts himself in a situation that becomes newsworthy, we certainly pay attention to it,” Baalke said. “So to say there’s no concern, that would probably be a misrepresentation of the fact. There’s always concern. But at the same token, let’s let this thing play out and see where it goes.”

Baalke stated in last month that he wanted the 49ers to be able to work out a long-term deal with Kaepernick before the start of training camp.

“Nothing’s changed,” Baalke said. “But at the same token, negotiations of these kind, they’re long. They can be drawn out. They can be very tedious. Like all of these, it takes a lot of work to get theses types of deals done.

“We’re going to work diligently like we said we would. But when that gets done, is there a goal, a timeline? I can’t say that there is.”


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