Crabtree: 'I'm in the flow'


Crabtree: 'I'm in the flow'

SANTA CLARA -- Receiver Michael Crabtree participated in team drills for the first time Tuesday since sustaining a strained right calf muscle in practice on July 27."I don't know too much about injuries," Crabtree said. "You think I would. It's always something different in football. It was just my calf, and I just had to stay off it. I didn't want anything serious to happen to it. It's the training staff and coaches, and when they tell me I can go, I'm going."Just before entering the locker room after the afternoon practice, Crabtree was stopped and agreed to answer some questions. It was the first time Crabtree has spoken to the media since the end of last season.Here is some of what he had to say:On returning to practice:
"I'm in the flow. I did everything I'm supposed to do today, pretty much taking it one day at a time practicing, a lot of routes, in and out of my cuts, timing with quarterbacks."On whether he will be able to play Friday night:
"Friday night? Yeah I should. I don't think the ones (starters) are going that much Friday. Whatever time they give me, I'll just go out there."On how he felt at practice today:
"I felt good. I'm running good. I didn't have any problems out there. Really practicing. I didn't feel like anything was holding me back or anything like that. Just cruising through practice."Is it frustrating to have your training camp cut short every year?
"How short was it cut this year?""A full week"
"For like a week? I'm sure a lot of guys go through that, right? Does everybody go every day of camp? . . . I'm here. I'm not missing a beat."It's not frustrating for you?
"I don't really think about it like that. I think of it as football. And whenever I can go, I'm going. If I can't go or they don't let me go, I can't be out there. But I look at it as football. I'm listening to the training staff and coaches on what's wise for me to do. It's football."How beneficial was a full offseason for you?
"It wasn't my first full offseason, if you really want to know. But it was good to be with Alex (Smith) and the whole team and really the new guys who came in. It was really good to be with those guys, (Randy) Moss and (Mario) Manningham, and putting everything together. I'm here, man. Whatever I need to do on the field, I'm going to do."On being alongside Randy Moss:
"It's great. You get to learn a lot of stuff, little techniques. Really learn football, talk football. He's amazing, man. You can't do nothing but learn."How's he going to help you on the field?
"Everybody helps each other. It's not just about Moss. Vernon. We got Delanie (Walker). Teddy (Ginn), coming in strong. Teddy's having a good camp. Manningham. It's everybody together. We all going to help each other out and get this thing rolling as a passing offense. Whatever coach has for us. I've been talking to Moss about blocking today, too. . . . We're talking."Do you think the passing offense can be a lot better than a year ago?
"Every year I think we can get better. Every year is the year to get better. Of course, I'm thinking like that this year. Really just getting into that end zone. That's the goal for this year. Wideouts, quarterback and offense, as one. Put some points up. I'm sure that's what everybody's planning to do. We just got to go out and do it."Is next step for you to go through a full practice?
"Whatever the trainers got for me. I can go. I got a lot of reps today. I feel like I did. The only thing I didn't do was 'two minute.' But I'm out here. I'm healthy. I'm good enough to run without any pain. I'm here, man."Thoughts on rookie A.J. Jenkins:
"Every day he gets better. That's what I tell A.J. 'Every day is a chance to get better.' A.J. is looking good. All those rookies are looking good. No 9 (Brian Tyms), 89 (Nathan Palmer), those guys are out there working."Are you a little frustrated with the questions about your injuries?
"Frustrated? I'm just talking. I don't like how you use those words 'frustrated.' Ain't nobody frustrated. It's football."Does it get old talking about injuries?
"No. It's a part of football. I mean you see somebody injured everyday. That's news. It's a part of football. It's a physical game. And I know how to deal with it. I've been here. I know how to deal with it. I'm sure you guys know when they say, 'Hut,' I'm going full speed. If I'm 100 percent, I'm going. I'm not worried about that. I'm really just worried about what we're going to do in these games and practice, and try to get better every day. That's all I can do."

49ers scheduled to meet with Garrett, the likely No. 1 overall pick

49ers scheduled to meet with Garrett, the likely No. 1 overall pick

The 49ers have a visit scheduled with the presumptive top pick in the upcoming draft.

The 49ers, owners of the No. 2 overall selection, will visit with Texas A&M pass-rusher Myles Garrett, he told reporters Thursday at this pro day, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

General manager John Lynch attended Garrett's pro day workout in College Station, Texas.

"I thought it was impressive," Lynch told Wilson in a video posted on social media. "Here’s this kid who really doesn’t need to show everyone much more, but yet he shows up and runs a 40. I think it just speaks to the kind of kid he is. It was impressive. It’s well-documented – I’m not saying anything ground-breaking – he’s a special athlete.

"He checks all the boxes. That’s why people are talking about him in the way they are."

Garrett said he has upcoming visits with the 49ers and Chicago Bears.

Each NFL team is allowed to bring in 30 draft-eligible prospects from outside their area. The 49ers have their list of 30 prospects already finalized, Lynch said.

In addition, teams can visit with an unlimited number of local prospects. The 49ers’ local pro day -- featuring athletes from Stanford, Cal, San Jose State and prospects from the Bay Area who played college football elsewhere – is scheduled for April 12 in Santa Clara.

The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 1 overall pick, and coach Hue Jackson ruled out the possibility of the team trading that selection for a quarterback. Garrett is considered the overwhelming favorite to be chosen with the No. 1 overall selection.

"We're getting closer to it but the draft is the 27th (of April),'' Jackson said at the NFL owners meetings. "I think it's a little soon to really say it's this guy or that guy.”

Garrett (6 foot 4, 272 pounds) recorded 31 sacks and 47 tackles for loss during his three-year college career.

Kyle Shanahan: 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garcon plays angry

Kyle Shanahan: 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garcon plays angry

Among the players the 49ers first targeted for their rebuilding project is a wide receiver who has nine years of NFL experience and turns 31 early in training camp.

Coach Kyle Shanahan pinpointed Pierre Garçon to be his top addition at wide receiver. Garçon is coming off the second 1,000-yard season of his career. His career-best output came was his 113-catch, 1,346-yard season in 2014 with Shanahan as Washington's offensive coordinator.

“I’ve always loved Pierre just because of how angry he plays,” Shanahan said at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix. “He gives you his all. He plays extremely aggressive. The best leaders are the guys who lead by example. Pierre’s not going to say much, but you know he’s going to go out there and fight every single play no matter what the situation is, whether it’s run or pass. That elevates everyone around him.”

Within the first two days of free agency, the 49ers signed Garçon, Marquise Goodwin and Aldrick Robinson. The 49ers had earlier signed slot receiver Jeremy Kerley to an extension, while not pursuing Quinton Patton, who signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets.

“You go into free agency and you study all the free agents who are available and then you stack them and see who can help you team the most,” Shanahan said. “Pierre was at the top of that list. Also knowing him made me feel better about that because you know exactly what you’re getting.

“But it all starts with the tape. It was very encouraging to turn on the tape and watch the level Pierre is still playing at. When you see that on tape and you also know the type the guy. I was very excited to get him.”