Davis: Moss' lack-of-rapport observation outdated

Vernon Davis on Kap: 'He has more confidence in himself'

Davis: Moss' lack-of-rapport observation outdated
September 6, 2013, 10:00 am
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We've had more than enough time to build on what we started.
Vernon Davis

Randy Moss collected 28 total receptions for 434 yards and three touchdowns in his season with the 49ers. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

Randy Moss is no longer playing the NFL game. He is now analyzing it, as a commentator for FOX Sports. One of his first breakdowns examined the connection between his former 49ers teammates, Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis.

"From my time there last year, it didn't seem Kaepernick and Vernon Davis had a rapport. They haven't shown that yet," Moss said via conference call, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

There is truth in Moss' words. In 2012, Kaepernick and Davis connected for only 12 passes and one touchdown in the seven regular season games Kaepernick started. Michael Crabtree, as you may recall, was Kaepernick's preferred target. But chemistry between the quarterback and tight end improved markedly in the playoffs. Davis had 12 catches for 254 yards and a touchdown in those three games. When told of Moss' comments, Davis said his former teammate is entitled to his opinion, but that opinion is now outdated.

"I feel like me and Colin, we are on a different level then we were last season," the eight-year veteran said. "It really takes some time to really learn his different receivers, and that's all predicated on time. It takes time. But we've been through minicamp, OTAs, as well as training camp, which we just finished. And we've had more than enough time to build on what we started."

Moss wasn't around to this summer to see what Davis says could have been his best training camp yet. He is entering his third season in offensive coordinator Greg Roman's system and for the first time, Roman and Davis put emphasis on his route running by working him with the wide receivers.

"They really challenged me this training camp, because whatever I see them do, I try to do it better," Davis said. "That's how you grow. That's how you become a better player, and you really craft your position.

"Last year, I didn't really work with the wide receivers as much, maybe five times in training camp. But I've been working with them all training camp so I had a chance to really detail my routes and get an opportunity to learn what they were doing so it helped me out tremendously."

Overall, Moss believes the 49ers overall passing game will improve this season.

"I can see the 49ers making great strides and being a little better than last year," Moss said.

But Davis fully expects Moss' analysis on his chemistry with Kaepernick to change shortly after the 49es' season opener against the Packers.

"Colin is a different man, and some of the things I learned this training camp I didn't learn last training camp," Davis said. "We are in different places right now. With that being said, you can expect anything."

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