Gannon: Harbaugh says Randy Moss 'our best receiver'

July 10, 2012, 3:52 pm
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The Randy Moss gamble is already starting to pay off.According to Rich Gannon, Moss is trying to be a leaderand set a good example for Michael Crabtree and the 49ers other youngreceivers.On the field, Moss has impressed head coach Jim Harbaugh aswell.(Harbaugh) said, This offseason hes been incredible,Gannon said while hosting The SiriusXM Blitz show. He said, Hes our bestreceiver right now.RELATED: 'Randy freakin' Moss' impresses Harbaugh, teammates
Although 49ers fans may need to see some proof on the field,thats a promising sign that Moss may have regained some of the skills anddrive that led him to six Pro Bowl appearances.Gannon and Harbaugh have had a relationship since Harbaughwas an offensive assistant with the Raiders in 2002. Gannon won the AP NFL MVPaward that year as Oaklandsquarterback.Equally important for a player with the history Moss has,Gannon said Moss has bought in to what Harbaugh wants him to do.When (Harbaugh) first sat down with Randy, he talked abouthis past, Gannon said. He just really laid it on the line, what theexpectations were, how they practice, how they prepare, what the meetings aregoing to be like and really what they are expecting from Randy.At the end of the meeting, Randy turned to Jim Harbaugh andsaid, Coach, what do you want me to do? What can I do for you? And Jim lookedat him and said, You know what, for starters Id like you to sit in the frontrow of my meetings.Moss has complied with that request, Gannon said, sitting inthe front row for every team meeting, even taking notes. By doing so, Moss hasset a trend for the 49ers wide receivers.(Harbaugh) said, By doing that, its brought guys like (Michael)Crabtree, who would hang out in the back, and some of these other young guys,now theyre sitting up front with Randy Moss, Gannon said. They dont havethe hoodies on anymore. Theyre alert. Theyre paying attention.Randy is trying to do the right things. Randy is trying tobe a leader. Hes trying to set a good example for these young players.Gannon said this team-first attitude of Moss is a sign thathe recognizes what Harbaugh needs him to do and what hell get out of that inreturn.It gets back to what the expectations are. Jim Harbaugh,not a ton of rules, but what the expectations are for a pro like Randy, Gannonsaid. Im here to help you. We can get you back to playing like you did acouple of years ago. You can be a huge addition for our offense. You can helpus in the vertical passing game.This is a contract between two people. Heres what Imgoing to do for you. Heres what you need to do for me. And so far Randy Mosshas bought in.In the seasons that Moss has bought in to what his coacheswanted him to do, he has been one of the NFLs best wide receivers. Moss brokeJerry Rices record for touchdown receptions in a season in his first year withthe New England Patriots, catching 23 touchdown passes in 2007. He has averagedmore than 80 receiving yards per game in six of his 13 NFL seasons.Moss hasnt done so, however, since 2007.