Goldson 'honored' to receive franchise tag


Goldson 'honored' to receive franchise tag

The 49ers recognized safety Dashon Goldson's five-year body of work with San Francisco by handing him their franchise tag this offseason.
NEWS: 49ers use franchise tag on Goldson

Though his agency told CSNBayArea.com "there are no plans to sign the franchise tag at this time," Goldson took it upon himself to send out a tweet that seemed to indicate his signing was inevitable.

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Dashon Goldson To my followers, fans and supporters thank you. I'm extremely honored and excited for the opportunity to play in a 49er uniform once again
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Any response from the fans?

John Lynch concerned about 49ers' top pick Thomas


John Lynch concerned about 49ers' top pick Thomas

On April 27, the 49ers selected Solomon Thomas with the No. 3 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

As of Thursday afternoon, he remains unsigned.

49ers general manager John Lynch addressed the media on Thursday and was asked about the defensive lineman's status.

Thomas missed most of the 49ers' offseason program because NFL rules stipulate that rookies who have not completed their undergraduate degrees are ineligible to join on a full-time basis until after their schools' final classes of the spring semester.

Stanford's late schedule put Thomas a little behind schedule.

“We have our iPads, so I’ll be able to watch film from that,” Thomas said in mid-May. “I talk to Josh (Garnett) quite a bit, and he’ll give me advice on how to go through this process – how to stay in touch, just keep learning along the way and keep progressing along the way.”

Reuben Foster will be ready when pads go on at 49ers training camp


Reuben Foster will be ready when pads go on at 49ers training camp

UPDATE (12:40pm on Thursday) -- The 49ers posted the following video to Twitter:


Reuben Foster is ready to rock and roll.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan provided an update on the rookie linebacker on Thursday:

According to Shanahan, no players will be on the PUP or NFI when camp opens.

As NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco wrote in mid-June:

Foster, the No. 31 overall pick in the draft, was the subject of national reports that he would require another surgery and could miss his entire rookie season. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported, citing a “well-placed source,” that Foster’s surgery “didn’t take.”

After the 49ers drafted him, Foster disputed the reports.

“That’s not accurate at all,” Foster said in April. “I’m fine. I’m on schedule.”

Foster sustained the tear of the labrum in his right shoulder during Alabama’s national semifinal game against Washington. He played in the championship game against Clemson with the injury.

He underwent surgery on his rotator cuff that forced him to sit out drills at the NFL scouting combine in February. Foster was sent home from Indianapolis after an argument with a hospital worker while he was waiting to undergo a physical.

The 49ers' first preseason game is in Kansas City on Friday, Aug. 11.