John Harbaugh tells why there wasn't post-SB hug with Jim

John Harbaugh tells why there wasn't post-SB hug with Jim
April 21, 2014, 11:15 am
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Jim and John Harbaugh shook hands, but did not hug, after the Ravens won Super Bowl XXVII on February 3, 2013. (AP)

Once again, brothers John and Jim Harbaugh were gathered in a football setting this weekend. And, once again, the older brother got in the final word.

John, the Baltimore Ravens head coach, was honored Saturday at the Miami (Ohio) University for induction into the school’s Cradle of Coaches. The 49ers coach was in attendance to support his brother.

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During his induction speech, which was posted on, John Harbaugh told a story about the post-Super Bowl XLVII handshake.

“I’ve never told this story publicly, but I’m going to tell it now,” Harbaugh said with his brother sitting four seats away at the head table.

John said in the moments after the Ravens’ 34-31 victory, he felt bad a twinge of bittersweet emotions.

“Because at the same time you had that great feeling, you feel bad for your brother,” John Harbaugh said. “Not as bad as I would’ve felt for myself if we’d lost, but I did feel bad.”

John Harbaugh said he was anticipating an embrace with his brother after the game as they men approached each other near midfield.

“I walk up across the field to shake his hand, and he’s a big, strapping guy. I look at him and I’m going to give him a little man hug, a little bro hug to say congratulations,” John Harbaugh said.

John demonstrated how he went in for the hug, but his brother warded him off with an outstretched forearm to the chest.

“He steps in just like that and says, ‘There’ll be no hug,’” John said.

The two brothers will gather again on the football field on Aug. 7 when the 49ers and Ravens play in the exhibition opener for both teams. Then, the 49ers will remain on the East Coast for four days of joint practices.

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