Kaepernick and Wilson: In their words

Kap on Seahawks: 'They're another team in our path'

Kaepernick and Wilson: In their words
December 4, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Colin Kaepernick has thrown 15 touchdowns and seven interceptions; Russell Wilson has 22 touchdowns and six picks. (USATSI)

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SANTA CLARA -- Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, the two young quarterbacks leading the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, will face comparisons as long as they meet twice a season as NFC West rivals.

And that will certainly be the case this week, leading up to the meeting between the first-place Seahawks and second-place 49ers on Sunday at Candlestick Park.

They are faces of their franchises. And, by definition of the position they play, each is a team spokesman. Kaepernick had his weekly session with reporters on Wednesday, while Wilson took part in a conference call with Bay Area reporters.

Here’s how Kaepernick and Wilson answered identical questions we asked them:

What impresses you most about Seattle’s defense?
Kaepernick: "Very physical. Very fast.”

What impresses you most about San Francisco’s defense? ?
Wilson: "How physical they are, how fast they fly around on the football field, and how sound they are. They don’t miss many tackles. They make the right play. They’re always near the ball. And, so, it’s pretty impressive.”

What do you like most about how your team is playing?
Kaepernick: "We’re executing. When we have the opportunity, we’re making plays.”
Wilson: "The thing is, we’re staying on schedule. On the offensive side of the ball, we’re staying on schedule. We’re keeping it third and shorts. We’re making plays in the red zone. Guys are really capitalizing. Guys have really stepped up. Our offensive line is back, which is really nice to have. We played, like, four or five games without our left tackle, our Pro Bowl left tackle, our Pro Bowl center, and our right tackle. And we were able to be successful in those games, still. The big thing about us is our defense is playing really strong, too. When the whole team is making plays and doing the right things at the right time, that gives us a chance to win.”

Aside from helping your team or trying to help your team win games on the field, what’s the most important part of your job as a quarterback?
Kaepernick: "I think the biggest thing is keeping everyone motivated, keeping them focused on what we need to be doing.”
Wilson: "I think the most important thing . . . there are several things. I think to be a great quarterback, you have to have great leadership. You have to have great attention to detail. You have to have relentless competitive nature. Those are three things, I’d say, you have to have. Then, another thing is, can I make the other 10 guys in the huddle better? No matter what the play is, no matter what the situation is, can I make them believe and can I help them play at their best and facilitate the ball to the right guy at the right time. And that’s what it really comes down to. There are a lot more things that are involved, but that’s what I basically comes down to.”