Kaepernick on Harbaugh: 'He's a maniac'

Kaepernick on Harbaugh: 'He's a maniac'
August 15, 2014, 9:15 am
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Jim Harbaugh has a regular season record of 36-11-1 since 2011. (AP)

According to Colin Kaepernick, Jim Harbaugh is a maniac.

In an interview with former NFL quarterback and Bleacher Report analyst Chris Simms, Kaepernick opened up about his relationship with his head coach.

The two touched on the media's perception of Kaepernick, his new contract, and the evolution of the 49ers' offense.

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"It's great. He's a--he's a maniac in there," Kaepernick said of Harbaugh. "Always working, always trying to figure out how to get an edge.

The 49ers quarterback illustrated the bond he has with Harbaugh, and how the coach's own background benefits Kaepernick.

"Having a head coach that was a quarterback, he sees things from your perspective," Kap added. "If we put combinations together that don't make
sense to him, he speaks up. Or if he has ideas that this might work, he's going to say something, and that's helped our offense evolve."

Harbaugh played quarterback for 14 seasons in the NFL.

The 49ers traded up to draft Kaepernick 36th overall in 2011 out of Nevada-Reno, in Harbaugh's first year as head coach.

2014 will be Kaepernick's second full season as a starter under his fiery head coach.