Kaepernick shares thoughts on Crabtree's return, being thankful

Kaepernick shares thoughts on Crabtree's return, being thankful
November 27, 2013, 2:15 pm
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I think he’s someone who’s very easy to throw to. So I don’t think that’ll take long.
Colin Kaepernick on Michael Crabtree

Colin Kaepernick’s job as 49ers quarterback also makes him a team spokesman. As such, he had his weekly session with reporters on Wednesday.

Here’s the transcript of his Q&A:

Who’s been the biggest influence on your leadership style?
My dad.

What has he taught you about leadership?
You just have to be able to relate to people and motivate them.

Is there any such thing as momentum or is it game to game?
Game to game. You have to win.

Yet, you still have to feel good going into a game after a win or does it make you have to dig down after a loss?
You’re just worried about the next game regardless of whether you win or lose.

Is chemistry with a receiver like riding a bike, in the sense that when Michael Crabtree comes back you can pick up where you left off?
I think he’s someone who’s very easy to throw to. So I don’t think that’ll take long.

You’ve said in the past ‘He gets open,’ but is there more to it than that?
No, that’s what it is.

What are you thankful for?
My family.

Can you talk about what makes Anquan Boldin such an effective option on third downs?
He makes plays. He’s proven it time and time again.

Your special teams did a nice job on the punt return game. How important is it for your offense to get nice field position especially in a cold-weather game like you played on Monday?
It’s huge. It makes it a lot easy on us. It cuts the field in half.

Three more games at Candlestick. How do you feel about leaving Candlestick?
A lot of great tradition at Candlestick. We’re looking to start some new one.

In terms of your preparation against a team you face twice a year, how does that help you in being familiar with their personnel?
That’s what it is. You’re familiar with what they do. So it’s easier.

And you expect some wrinkles, too, right?
Of course.

Joe Staley is having a good year. Can you talk about him and what it means to have someone like that, especially on your blind side?
Joe is phenomenal. He’s someone you never have to worry about him doing his job. He’s going to do it every time. And he’s going to excel at it.

How do you approach the short week. Do you do more individual film study?
Make sure you’re ready.

(From Quinton Patton) What did you eat for lunch today?

Are you excited about the possibility of throwing to Crabtree this week?
That’s going to be his call 100 percent.

How fun is it think about that dynamic being added?
I think about who’s on the field with me.

Is Crabtree similar to Boldin in that you feel comfortable even if they’re covered that they’re going to be the one who comes down with the ball?
Yes, they’re very similar.

In terms of strong hands and being about to out-wrestle a . . . ?