Montana, Young on Tebow-Sanchez tandem

Montana, Young on Tebow-Sanchez tandem
March 27, 2012, 5:08 am
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We're in no way suggesting that the Jets' QB tandem of Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow can be compared in any way to the greatness of San Francisco signal-callers Joe Montana and Steve Young. There's the small matter of five Super Bowls and a handful of NFL MVP awards separating them.
What they may have in common, however, is controversy. Montana and Young had 49ers fans taking sides in the late 1980s and Sanchez and Tebow will no doubt be the center of a few arguments among Jets fans this season.
What did the Hall of Famers think of the situation with the Jets? They weighed in over the past several days, with Montana's email to the New York Daily News and Young's comments on ESPN.

Montana on Sanchez-Tebow
"Mark is a better player right now and that's it," Montana wrote in an email to the New York Daily News. "As long as Mark believes in himself and plays, it's not an issue. It's more of an issue for those of you who write, or blog or tweet and all the other methods of delivering content."
Young on Sanchez-Tebow:
"There's no question in my mind, inevitably, there's going to be a lot of consternation, a lot of conflict, and competition and controversy. It's just the nature of what the Jets have put in their locker room this year."
"Let's be honest, (Tebow) is not a backup quarterback. He was the heir apparent in Denver. He was a starter. He was a starter because he took a team that was 1-4 to the playoffs, and beat Pittsburgh. It's not like he hasn't accomplished anything.
"Now he is coming in as the backup, and it certainly looks like they'll try to use him as much as possible. He's the greatest college football player ever."