Moss: 'I'm ready to bring the fans out of their seats'


Moss: 'I'm ready to bring the fans out of their seats'

The 49ers signed veteran wide receiver Randy Moss to a one-year contract on Monday night. Terms of the deal were not immediately known."We are pleased to add a player with Randy's wealth of experience to our receiving corps," 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said. "Randy's productivity over the course of his career speaks for itself. We look forward to integrating him into our system."Moss took part in a conference call with reporters after the deal was signed. Here's some of what he had to say:Why the decision to sign with the 49ers so shortly after working out for the 49ers?
Moss: "I think that their upside was something I studied and I looked at and evaluated. Coach (Jim) Harbaugh is really a young and enthusiastic coach and I love enthusiasm. So I think when they picked me up from the airport last night and everything we talked about, and coming in and taking my physical and working out, a lot of things stood out to me. And it was really a no-brainer for me to come in and play for the 49ers. So I look forward to the challenge of going out and making things happen."What changed about your desire to get back into the game?
Moss: "I had personal reasons outside of football to step away from the game. I think it was a family decision to get back in the game because I still love the game and still think I can play at a high level and I'm passionate about the game of football. So for me to be able to get back into training . . . . I really didn't know who was going to try me out, who was going to hook me up. So I had a tryout with the Saints and came here to San Francisco a week later. Basically, the organization, Coach Harbaugh and the general manager and the owner pulled the trigger. So, like I said, I look forward to coming out here to the Bay Area and giving the 49ers fans, organization, something to rave about this season. I look forward to playing."In 2010, it was different than the rest of your career, production-wise. What was behind the drop in production?
Moss: "Well, I don't really want to get into that because you all would not understand if I tell you anyway. So I'm not going to talk about that."Was there any thought to coming back late last season? Did the 49ers talk to you about the playoffs when they had so many injuries at wide receiver?
Moss: "At the beginning of last season I was ready to still play and I was waiting on that call. But at the same time, I didn't really know how things were going to go. So when it got late in the season, I just decided to go ahead and give my body a little more rest. And once the season ended, I decided to come on back. Like I said, I'm very passionate about what I do. And definitely football is something I love to do. So for me to come back to the game of football . . . I'm ready to go. I think you can hear from my last workout with the Saints and here today with the 49ers, I'm ready to get back into the game of football. I think I can still play at a high level. So I look forward to learning the offense and getting with the group of guys in the locker room and learning what my role is going to be on this team. Like I said, I accept the challenge, and I'm ready to bring the fans out of their seats."Do you know Alex Smith at all, and have you spoken to him throughout this process?
Moss: "I don't really know Alex Smith. But I look forward to working with all the guys on the team."Has your role been defined in your talks with the team?
Moss: "No, we really haven't discussed it yet. But once get to camp and OTAs and minicamps and things like that, I think, like I said, I accept the challenge to get back into this league and play at a high level. So, like I said, whatever my role is going to be, I just want to get out there and be productive.Was it appealing to sign with the 49ers because they made it to the NFC championship game?
Moss: "It was very intriguing for me to reach out to the 49ers and come give them everything that I had today. It's obvious they liked what they saw. And, like I said, I don't want to let them down. I want to come and get back to what I do, which is getting out there and playing football and stretching the field. So, like I said, I look forward to working with the team. I look forward to working with the coaches and getting out here and learning my role. And whatever it may be, I'll try to be the best I can be."Can Jim Harbaugh still "bring it"?
Moss: "That's funny you ask that. Yes, he can still bring it at his old age. I don't know, he's probably sitting there with an ice pack or something on his shoulder right now, but, yeah, he can still wing it."Is there anything you do as a veteran to help out Michael Crabtree and the younger players?
Moss: "I think, not just Crabtree, but it's a young group of guys. And there's a saying I have: 'I like what I can do for the NFL. I don't like what the NFL can do for me.' I've loved the game of football. For me to be able to start at a young age and play Pop Warner football and have my dreams come true to become a professional football player. I like what I'm able to give back to football and the NFL. If those guys are willing to accept me as a teammate, come here and make this thing happen, then I'm ready to give back anything I have: my knowledge, my work ethic and all of the above. I look forward to going out and working with these young guys, and coaches included."You signed a one-year contract, so are you looking at this as a one-year thing or beyond?
Moss: "Man, I just want to play football. Once the season starts and once it ends, we'll decide where things are going to go after that. So I'll just take it one game, and one day at a time and we'll see what happens at the end of the run."Harbaugh has made so much about the team concept and blue-collar mentality with the 49ers. How much did he talk to you about coming into the locker room and fit in and be another one of the guys?
Moss: "Well, the thing about me being here is they've done their research on me. And I think when it comes to the world-wide sports media, I've gotten a bad rap. They've done their homework on me or they wouldn't have brought me in here."Why do you say you've gotten a bad rap?
Moss: "I'm just saying, more of not being a team player and things like that. I really don't want to get into that because that's not what I'm here for. I think that one thing I'd like the sports world to understand is the love and the passion I have for the game of football. I think every player wants to win and every organization wants to win."

Bowman guarantees he will not be odd-man out of 49ers' competition

Bowman guarantees he will not be odd-man out of 49ers' competition

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers’ biggest free-agent acquisition on defense and one of the team’s first-round draft picks play the same position.

Coach Kyle Shanahan said he is holding off on thinking about how everything is going to play out this season at the linebacker position.

“I really try not to envision it too hard because I see a lot of good players there,” Shanahan said Tuesday during the 49ers’ first week of organized team activities.

The 49ers awarded weakside linebacker Malcolm Smith guaranteed money as an unrestricted free agent totaling approximately $12 million. Then, on the first day of the draft, the 49ers’ No. 3 rated prospect experienced a free fall, and the club traded into the back end of the first round to select him.

While Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster has been sidelined through the offseason program as he recovers from shoulder injury, he figures to compete with Smith for the starting job. Foster will also learn middle linebacker, where NaVorro Bowman has earned first-team All-Pro honors in four seasons.

Bowman looks to be nearly all the way back from a torn Achilles that limited him to just four games last season.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen,” Shanahan said. “Seeing Bow out here and how healthy he’s been, knowing we’ve added some good free agents, and the way the draft worked out, having a linebacker we had ranked very highly fall to us at the end of the first round. We got a lot better pretty fast.

“When you ask me how it’s going to play out, I’m not sure. It’s a good problem to have. It’s something you’d like to have any every position. There’s going to be a very good player who’s not out there all the time. That’s not a bad thing. That makes the two guys who are out there go a lot harder and play better. It makes special teams better and it allowed you to survive injuries, which almost always happen.”

Bowman’s vision for the upcoming season includes him retaining his role in the middle of the 49ers’ defense.

"I won't be on the sideline, I'll tell you that right now,” Bowman said.

Bowman said he was not fazed with the 49ers selected Foster in the first round. Foster is likely considered the heir apparent to Bowman.

Shanahan called Bowman after the selection of Foster was made, but Bowman said he did not need to speak with the coach about why the selection was made.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Bowman said of the phone call, “but it was good to hear from him, to see that he had something to say or an idea of what he wanted to get across to me.

“But we haven’t talked about it. I did that on purpose. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll compete with anyone, whether he’s 21 or 35. It doesn’t matter. I’m a guy who’s going to give my best effort and have full confidence in my abilities to play this game. I know how much I study this game. I know how good I am and that’s what was going to bring back here.

“It’s always a competition. There’s always someone trying to take your spot. As a player, if you keep that in mind, you’ll always put the work in that’s needed.”


49ers reissue Bryant Young's number

49ers reissue Bryant Young's number

SANTA CLARA -- For the first time since Bryant Young retired following the 2007 season, the 49ers have placed his old number back into service.

Linebacker Dekoda Watson was issued No. 97 for the team’s organized team activities this week.

Young was a four-time Pro Bowl selection and eight-time winner of the Len Eshmont Award as the 49ers’ most inspirational and courageous player. No 49ers player has worn No. 97 in the past nine seasons or offseasons.

Rookie defensive lineman Solomon Thomas is now wearing No. 94 after being issued No. 96 for the rookie minicamp. Linebacker Reuben Foster is wearing No. 56.

Rookie defensive tackle D.J. Jones now wearing No. 96. Cornerback Rashard Robinson switched back to No. 33 after an earlier change to No. 26. Running back Kapri Bibbs is now 26. Rookie running back Joe Williams is No. 32 after wearing No. 33 at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles over the weekend. Veteran running back Tim Hightower is wearing No. 22.