Moss: Nothing ventured, nothing gained for 49ers

March 11, 2012, 4:36 pm
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Take that horrified look off your face. Jim Harbaugh did not just sneeze on your oatmeal. It could end up tasting like that, but its a little early to complain to the kitchen.If, as reported, Randy Moss is coming to Santa Clara for a Monday tryout, the teams delicate camaraderie is not by definition destroyed. It could be, but a cough is not tuberculosis. Sometimes its just a cough.
The 49ers need a wide receiver the way a dog needs a walk, and Moss is apparently still full of skill, so the immediate fit is clear. If he can play, he may well get an invitation to camp. Talent will always win out in Happier Valley, after all.But if he is a disruption, as he can occasionally be, the template for handling it is clear New England. The Patriots signed him, didnt like the vibe, and released him within a month. Bill Belichick did not hesitate to make the change, rather than wait until a small problem became a big one.If that is Harbaughs position as well, then nothing has been lost in the venture for gain. It is only in keeping a disruptive Moss that the mistake is made, and just as there is no guarantee that Moss will be a model contributor, there is no guarantee that Moss wont be one, either.In short, a tryout is nothing. A tryout is window shopping. If he signs, you can start to worry, whether its warranted or not. We cant control your sense of history. But you know the old saying worry when its time to worry. Or worry not at all.In other words, its March. Go back to bed.

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