NFL salary cap rankings


NFL salary cap rankings

With injuries beginning to take their toll, the amount of money NFL teams have stockpiled against the salary cap is rapidly becoming the most vital statistic among the 32 teams.

Courtesy of our friends at ProFootballTalk.com and the ever-resourceful Mike Florio, we present the haves and have-nots at the quarter-pole of the 2011 season.

The new collective bargaining agreement formulated in 2011 has a salary cap of 120 million and a salary floor of 108 million.

1. Jaguars -- 35.4 million.
2. Chiefs -- 27.6 million.
3. Bucs -- 27.2 million.
4. Broncos -- 25.4 million.
5. Bills -- 22.7 million.
6. Seahawks -- 20.5 million.
7. Cowboys -- 18.6 million.
8. Bears -- 18.1 million.
9. Bengals -- 17.5 million.
10. 49ers -- 17.5 million.
11. Redskins -- 13.6 million.
12. Browns -- 12.8 million.
13. Dolphins -- 10.7 million.
14. Jets -- 8.6 million.
15. Titans -- 8.4 million.
16. Patriots -- 8.3 million.
17. Packers -- 7.5 million.
18. Cardinals -- 7.2 million.
19. Ravens -- 7.1 million.
20. Raiders -- 6.1 million.
21. Rams -- 6.0 million.
22. Eagles -- 5.8 million.
23. Colts -- 5.4 million.
24. Vikings -- 4.5 million.
25. Chargers -- 4.3 million.
26. Saints -- 4.2 million.
27. Lions -- 2.9 million.
28. Texans -- 2.4 million.
29. Falcons -- 2.3 million.
30. Panthers -- 2.3 million.
31. Steelers -- 750,000.
32. Giants -- 70,000.


Dolphins players wear shirts supporting Kaepernick during pregame warmups


Dolphins players wear shirts supporting Kaepernick during pregame warmups

East Rutherford, NJ -- A handful of Miami Dolphins players are wearing black T-shirts supporting free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick during pregame warm-ups.

The shirts have "#IMWITHKAP" written in bold white lettering on the front.

Kaepernick was the first athlete to refuse to stand during the national anthem as a protest. This season, no team has signed him, and some supporters believe NFL owners are avoiding him because of the controversy.

Among the players sporting the shirts before their game against the New York Jets are wide receiver Kenny Stills, running back Jay Ajayi and offensive linemen Laremy Tunsil and Ja'Wuan James. Stills, also a team captain, posted a photo on Twitter of himself wearing the shirt, along with the post: "In case you didn't know!"

49ers CEO Jed York responds to Trump's 'callous and offensive comments'


49ers CEO Jed York responds to Trump's 'callous and offensive comments'

San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York responded emphatically to the comments of President Donald Trump's views of those who take a knee in NFL games during the national anthem. 

Speaking in Huntsville, AL, on Friday, Trump told a group of his supporters during a campaign rally, "wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag to say, 'get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He's fired. He's fired."

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first to sit and then kneel during the national anthem as a protest against social injustices last season. As he did last season, 49ers safety Eric Reid has continued to take a knee during the 2017 season.

York was the third representative of an NFL team to speak out against Trump's actions. Since then, the Packers and Falcons have issued a statements.