OC Roman: 'Randy Moss is a true professional'


OC Roman: 'Randy Moss is a true professional'

Opening Statement:Good morning. Grinding through training camp right now. Its a great opportunity for us to look at guys and how they deal with the day in and day out, week after week. So much of the NFL season is how consistent guys can be day-to-day, week-to-week. So many players over the years Ive seen, just couldnt maintain a level of consistency mentally, physically, or emotionally. Thats the kind of stuff that affects a team as much as anything. Were getting a real good chance here to work with our players over the course of time. Were having physical practices and you get a real chance to see how they come to work day in and day out. Theres so much parity in the National Football League, as we all know. People that can come in day in and day out and you know what to expect from them as a coach, it makes planning that much easier. Very important component of what were evaluating is how a guy can come in and bring it every day. With that, Ill throw it out to you, any questions?How do you challenge a player mentally when he is exhausted? What are you looking for?I think as a coach, youre at all times seeing how a player is engaged in what youre doing. Some guys just jump off the screen at you, as guys that are fully engaged at all times with whats going on. Theyre not daydreaming. Theyre thinking strictly about whats happening to them at that time. Or theyre thinking about how what youre covering with them might affect them on game day. Guys that have a tendency to be a little less consistent, you definitely want to spend more time emphasizing how important it is to focus. So, its really player by player.Any guys that really jump out in that situation?Guys that to me and really to us as a staff we have a really good group of guys, number one. These guys are a really good group. I think that the guys that weve had here, are to a man, really good in that regard. The guys that weve acquired in free agency or the draft WR Randy Moss is a true professional, fully engaged at all times. WR Mario Manningham, I know RB Brandon Jacobs who is injured, the same way. I think were very fortunate that weve acquired some players that have that understanding of how important it is. As far as the young guys go, we talked last week about RB Kendall Hunter and FB Bruce Miller, how good they are. TE Delanie Walker is a guy, TE Vernon Davis has been phenomenal. Our quarterbacks are, and you have to be as a quarterback to have a chance. Really, to a man, the thing thats pleasing is that the players that we acquired are really 49er type of guys.Do you ever fear that you might -when youre grinding it out- that you might have a player who doesnt grind it out very well, but still is a really good player? Do you think, alright hes fading now, but once we get into the regular season where its not as arduous, he could be a great player for us? Do you have to have that in the back of your head at all?I think our approach is more, its one day at a time. You try to get that player to perform at his maximum every day and understand the importance of that. And then it will be what it is. I dont think we take a break on that at all, or assume too much. I dont think you can assume. The way we look at it, what you do today is what youre going to do the first week of the season. Thats just something thats just fundamental with what we do. Its truly one day at a time. We had a great day yesterday -well its over. We had a bad day yesterday -its over. What can we learn from it? How can it make us better? Now its all about the next day.Now that Moss and Manningham are on the team, can we expect more long passes in the games?It all depends on who were playing. If theyre playing way off, then I doubt it. If theyre playing up close, I would say yes.T Anthony Davis is going to be going against Broncos LB Von Miller early in the game. He is a quick, runs the arc well. Are you looking forward to seeing that matchup in terms of Davis against a smaller, quicker type of pass rusher?Thats a good question. I think Denver has two really good edge players in 58 and 92 there, Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil and Miller. Theyre really good, productive players. Like you said, they can run that hoop pretty well and trim the fat there on the edge good. With crowd noise behind them, it will be great work for us. It will really be good work for us. I think just the way their defense is built right now with those two players coming off the edges, its tremendous work for us. We have to be on our A game.Who are your starting wide receivers?All of them. Theyre all starters right now. If we got into five wide receivers grouped the first play of the game, then five receivers would be our starters. If we had one wide receiver the first play of the game, then one wide receiver would be our starter. Theyre all contributors and theyre all competing right now for a role. How they compete, what they show they can do well, that will kind of carve out a role whether it be small, large. Its definitely a very competitive situation. Weve got some good guys there. Real fortunate.Yesterday, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio told us he wants more of his reserve safeties to step up and take that backup role behind S Dashon Goldson and S Donte Whitner. Are there still some areas offensively, going into this third game you want to see more of that?Singling out a particular position, obviously early on there were a lot of questions about who the right guard was going to be. At this very moment all I can report to you is that GT Alex Boone has done a very good job and continues to get better. The wide receiver position- weve got a lot of good ones. Our mindset is, well how can we use all of them? Why should we just play two or three of them and let two of them sit there and gather dust? I think that will continue to avail itself there and how we can use them. The backup quarterback position is a battle, its ongoing. Well see how that unfolds. The way we look at it, football is a rough game and were trying to create depth as we go. You never know whats going to happen. Were trying to coach everybody, evaluate them every day. Youre trying to build contingency plans as you develop your starters. The way we look, at it, all scenarios are possible because you never know whats going to happen. We had a couple guys get nicked in the game the other night, right? So, you better have a contingency plan, you better be coaching the backups at really every position. Pretty pleased though with how our offense is approaching practice. Were getting a lot of stuff done, covering a lot of ground. Weve got a lot of work to do still.How did RB Anthony Dixon do in those short yardage scenarios that probably would have gone to Brandon Jacobs had he been healthy?I thought Anthony had a really good game. The first third and one, were not really game planning preseason games, but they kind of had us outnumbered there. Anthony basically was his own blocker to get us that first down. The second short yardage situation, which was a fourth and short, Anthony got everything that was blocked for him. So, I thought Anthony had one of his best games since Ive been here. And was very pleased with his physicality, his preparation and how he played. He did a great job. He needs to have another great one this week.Why do you think the offense will be better on third downs this season compared to last season?Thats a good question. I think time on task. I think number one, a very wise man said this to me and I found it to be true, you can look at statistics and thats great, because anybody can look at statistics. But the thing you want to know is why are these statistics the way they are? Thats really what youre looking at. When you look at statistics, whether it be third down scoring, rushing yards, whatever, OK, why was your third down percentage what it was? Thats the real question. And as we studied it in the offseason and really throughout the season last year, it was really just a lack of execution, a lack of cohesion. I would attribute that to really just time on task. And I would fully expect our third down production to be much better due to the fact that weve got a lot more time invested in it, and I think its that simple. Now youve got to go out and do it. Just going out and practicing it doesnt guarantee you a thing. But I would fully expect our third down production to be better starting with time on task, guys knowing what to do, what spots theyre going to be in, all the multiple coverages, protection. Its a laundry list really. But, really the best third down teams are generally really efficient in the passing game on all downs and really good in short yardage situations. Thats just something I think will happen with our development, our evolution.Will your first team offense play more this game than they have the first two games? Do you expect them to?Thats possible. Not for sure right now. Thats possible, not for sure.What areas have you seen QB Alex Smith take his biggest strides in your second year working with him?Just knowing what words mean to start with. Everything. Everything. Totally understands the offense. Now he can recite things. He can fix things. Understands where people are. When we go back and look at our first early games last season, just getting through a straight progression was a work in progress relative to what it was late in the season, relative to what it is now. Hes getting through his reads quicker. Hes eliminating reads earlier and really just taking ownership of our offense. He understands all the different things that we do and hes really, really, really intelligent. Bright football player. Really intelligent. He is super smart. Savant-like at times and has great ideas. I suppose its like when youre married the first couple months, the first six months or whatever, youre kind of still getting to know where the toothpaste goes and whatnot. And then after a while you get to know somebody and thats kind of how Alex is with our offense.You mentioned savant-like, which is high praise. Anything caught your mind as far as what youve seen of Alex?You can have a play call thats 15 words long and if he sees it, he can just recite it. He doesnt need to look at anything to recite it. And then lets just say the person typing that play in made a mistake. Hell fix it right away without even blinking. Ive yet to see that from anybody. Thats just a quick snippet of his understanding of things and how quickly hell pick something up. If I sit there and study something for hours on end, Ill pick it up too. But the first time out, hes pretty sharp.Is there an area where you focus more on certain teachings with Alex Smith than head coach Jim Harbaugh does? Is there another thing that quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst does?Theres no real specific area, but we definitely all work together with him. It covers all areas. Its just a team effort all around.What about when Alex is in the pocket trying to elude with the pass rush? It seemed the sack numbers were high last year?Yeah, wed like to get those numbers down, bottom line. Some of the sacks he took, I thought were what I would call smart sacks. But far too many of them were unforced errors, lack of execution on our part. Thats something that has to improve. And thats not just the offensive line. Thats receivers getting open, tight ends getting open, tight ends blocking, backs blocking, receivers that have to make hot adjustments. The one thing that Alex did through all that, did a historically great job of protecting the football, historically great. We look for more of that as well.Has he had a straight incompletion yet? It seems like either someone was dropping it or hes throwing it away. It doesnt look like hes just all out.No, hes been pretty sharp. I think a couple of them have been six inches here or there. But hes been really sharp thus far. I think thats pretty accurate.There was a 2nd and 7 the last game against the Houston Texans, Alex threw an accurate pass to TE Vernon Davis and he dropped it. It looked like WR Randy Moss was breaking open deep. After looking at the film, did Alex make the right read and make the right throw?In case somebody from an opponent is reading this, I dont want to let them know about our quarterback reads. But I thought it was the appropriate decision. Theres times when a quarterback has to make a quick decision. And, let me put it to you this way, how open was Randy? How open was Vernon? Was Vernon that much open hand gestures, that much, that, that hand gestures? Its going to be different every time. Randy, leverage, whos the corner? Where is he? Leverage. Its going to be different every time. Hes got to make that decision quickly. And, generally speaking when you run somebody on a shorter route and one on a deeper, if its man-to-man coverage, youre generally going to look to the shorter route first because hell probably be open quicker. And thats not true of all plays, but I thought it was a good throw and I know Vernon was pretty upset that he didnt grab it.

Reid: National anthem protest accomplished goal of awareness

Reid: National anthem protest accomplished goal of awareness

SANTA CLARA – Safety Eric Reid and linebacker Eli Harold, who joined Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem last season, will not continue the protest this season.

Reid said Wednesday they achieved their goal of bringing attention to racial inequality in the United States.

“When we started doing that, our goal was to open up the floor to conversation. I believe we’ve achieved that goal,” Reid said. “So now we just want to move forward and just partner with people that’s trying to make a change.

“We accomplished that goal. People talked about it. I think we raised a lot of awareness about issues in this country. And now it’s time to move on to just affecting change.”

Reid and Harold are back with the 49ers, while Kaepernick remains a free agent. The 49ers have expressed no interest in retaining Kaepernick after opting to sign free-agent quarterback Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley, instead.

“I stay in touch with him,” Reid said of Kaepernick. “I’m rooting for him. Obviously, he isn’t on a team, yet, but I’m rooting for him but hopefully he gets that call after the draft.

“It’s surprising. You see some of the other quarterbacks that have been signed around the league and why he hasn’t been, it’s just unfortunate.”

When asked if thought Kaepernick was paying the price for his protest, Reid answered, “I think so. It’s unfortunate, it’s sad. People want to shy away from him because of media, PR reasons.

“You’re doing something to better the world. I mean, the guy got a plane sent to Somalia to help with the famine there. He’s been doing things that if it were anybody else in a different situation without the anthem (protest), they’d be praising him and giving him awards for it.”


Coming off Achilles injury, Bowman returns to 49ers practice at full speed

Coming off Achilles injury, Bowman returns to 49ers practice at full speed

SANTA CLARA – NaVorro Bowman, who sustained a season-ending torn Achilles in Week 4 of the 2016 season, has been a full participant as the 49ers return to the practice field this week.

Bowman worked with the first team at middle linebacker Wednesday and appeared to move at top speed as the 49ers went through the second day of on-field workouts at a voluntary minicamp.

The 49ers, under new coach Kyle Shanahan, are allowed an extra voluntary minicamp as part of their offseason program. Bowman's return to the practice field was the highlight as the 49ers enter their third-week of the offseason program.

In other notes:

--The 49ers had tryouts with three unsigned veteran players: cornerback Steve Williams, and offensive linemen Tim Barnes and Kitt O’Brien.

--Wide receiver DeAndre Carter made the best catch of the day on a deep throw from quarterback Matt Barkley. Carter beat Williams on the reception.

--Defensive lineman Arik Armstead, who is a candidate to play the “Leo” position, was held out of competitive drills as he continues to recovery from surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

--Ronald Blair lined up at the “Leo” position with the first-team defense and beat No. 2 right tackle Garry Gilliam for a sack in the “non-contract” drills. Aaron Lynch was at the “Leo” position with the second team.

--Tank Carradine lined up at the 5-technique, which is a position where the 49ers could target Stanford’s Solomon Thomas with the No. 2 overall pick.

--Kyle Juszczyk showed the versatility that prompted the 49ers to make him the highest-paid fullback in the league with several pass receptions during the 90-minute practice.

--Rashard Robinson and Dontae Johnson lined up at the cornerbacks with the first-team defense. Robinson made a leaping interception of a Brian Hoyer deep sideline pass against Rashad Ross during 7-on-7 drills.

--Hoyer and receiver Pierre Garçon teamed up for a 20-yard completion on the opening play of the 11-on-11 period.

--Wide receiver Bruce Ellington, who spent all of last season on injured reserve, did not practice due to a soft-tissue injury not related to his hamstring injury of a year ago.

--Offensive lineman Jeremy Zuttah (soft tissue), tight end Je’Ron Hamm (leg), running back Raheem Mostert (soft tissue), linebacker Eli Harold (toe) and tight end Blake Bell (cut forehead) did not practice.