Pay up, Aaron Rodgers?

September 11, 2012, 7:53 pm
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Remember when it was suggested that Aaron Rodgers was partiallyfueled and focused by the fact that he was drafted after Alex Smith in the 2005NFL Draft (Smith was No. 1 overall and Rodgers became Brett Favre's backup with the 24th overall pick)?
Imagine how hes feeling about now.
TMZ is reporting that Rodgers lost a bet he made with the singers from Boyz II Men; with the loss to the 49ers last Sunday, Rodgers has to sporta 49ers jersey and post it on Twitter.Right now though, the bet is on hold, according to Boyz IIMen singer Nathan Morris (a big 49ers fan, apparently), who told TMZ this:Green Bay has another huge game against theBears in 3 days so ... we understand where his head is, so I know he'sfocusing on that game.That's correct. After taking one on the chin from Alex Smith and company at Lambeau Field in their home opener, Cal alum Rodgers is now prepping for a short-week game on Thursday night against the formidable Chicago Bears.That's a rough week, even before the bet stuff.
Given that Rodgers hasnt tweeted anything since August 6, atweet with him in a 49ers jersey ought to stand out.
You can follow the Packersquarterback on Twitter: @AaronRodgers12.
His next tweet might be one to remember, and frame, for 49ers fans.

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