Randy Moss a good fit for 49ers? SI says maybe

February 17, 2012, 10:02 pm
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Of course the 49ers need help at wide receiver, so of course when Randy Moss decides to un-retire, 49ers fans start talking: will he come here? But in this case, it's Sports Illustrated talking and they list the 49ers first among five teams (49ers, Saints, Patriots, Jets & Redskins) that make sense for the future Hall of Famer.Likely on on 49ers fans' minds right now is whether Moss would be trouble in Jim Harbaugh's 'you better buy in to team' locker room; but it's also hard to imagine Harbaugh letting Moss, 35, anywhere near there unless he's convinced Moss is a team guy.
There were questions about Michael Crabtree's commitment to team headed into the 2011 season, and Jim Harbaugh said he felt Crabtree was a team guy.
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Fast forward to now, Crabtree has had his best year in the league from a catches and yards perspective, and he proved to his coach and teammates that he can block effectively downfield when asked. Crabtree wants the ball, but he's willing to do the dirty work when his number isn't called in the huddle, which says something. Would Randy Moss do the same?SI: Why Moss to SF works -- "We all know Moss plays better and harder when he's with a team that has legitimate Super Bowl chances. It's the way he's wired. The 49ers made the NFC title game last season, and they probably would have won it if they had any kind of threat at receiver. San Francisco got all of one completion for three yards from their wide receivers against the Giants, even though the game went well into overtime."
SI: Why Moss to 49ers doesn't work -- "You get the feeling 49ers tightly-wound head coach Jim Harbaugh would not abide by players who aren't 100 percent committed team-first guys above all else. I think it's fair to say that at points during his long and successful NFL career, Moss has not been a 100 percent committed team-first guy. And yes, I went for understatement with that last line."

What do you think? There are a host of free-agent wide receivers on the market, is Moss the guy the 49ers should pursue?

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