Report: County board lawyers up over 49ers' disputed stadium funds

July 12, 2012, 10:46 pm
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The Santa Clara County Oversight Board that attempted to pull 30 million in funding earmarked for developing the 49ers' new stadium hired a lawyer Wednesday, according to a report by the San Jose Mercury News.

The board -- made up by representatives for South Bay schools, the county, city, water district and fire department -- hired Fresno-based attorney Hilda Cantu Montoy at 275 dollars per hour in advance of the July 27 hearing, the next scheduled event in determining where the disputed money will go.

Her first task for the board will reportedly be to try to push back that July 27 hearing.

The 30 million in question was approved by Santa Clara voters to fund the 1.2 billion stadium in 2010, but on June 22 of this year, the county board voted 4-3 that the money would be better spent re-allocated to the education sector.
REWIND: County board pulls funding

The 49ers responded by filing a lawsuit on June 28 against the board, and Sacramento Superior Court Judge Lloyd Connelly ruled July 3 that any use of the disputed funds would be suspended until after a decision in the follow-up hearing.

The 49ers broke ground on their new stadium on April 19, and no matter the court's ruling in the follow-up hearing, the team expects the stadium to be opened in August of 2014.