Roman: 49ers offense ready to 'pop'

Roman: 'It's going to pop, it's coming'

Roman: 49ers offense ready to 'pop'
November 22, 2013, 1:30 pm
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The roof is going to blow off. It’s going to pop. It’s coming.
Greg Roman

SANTA CLARA -- After two consecutive losses in which the 49ers have accounted for fewer than 200 yards of total offense, offensive coordinator Greg Roman predicts much better days are ahead.

“We’re certainly not a finished product,” Roman said Friday. “I think those opportunities are out there and the roof is going to blow off. It’s going to pop. It’s coming.”

That roof-popping game should come Monday night. The 49ers face Washington, which owns the league’s 28th-ranked defense. In back-to-back losses, the 49ers faced the third-ranked Carolina defense and fourth-ranked New Orleans.

“I’d say the past few weeks have not been up to our standard or the standard of production that we expect or work for,” Roman said. “It’s simply a function of getting back to work, identifying problems, fixing those problems and re-emphasizing the positive things.”

There have been few positives to discuss since the bye week. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has struggled. And his production from last season has taken a dive. Kaepernick is down in all statistical areas. He is completing just 56.2 percent of his passes, ranking 31st among all qualifying quarterbacks, while throwing 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions with a passer rating of 81.8. The 49ers rank last in the NFL at 168.0 passing yards per game. The Raiders are 31st at 186.4.

Roman said he believes Kaepernick is doing some things well. And he noted that one player certainly should not be blamed for the struggles of an entire offense. But there's little doubt that Kaepernick is still learning the game. And Roman said this rough stretch will ultimately be beneficial for him. Kaepernick will make his 21st career start on Monday.

“As far as his development of a quarterback, this is extremely valuable for him to go through these types of situations, battle his way out and learn from them,” Roman said. “To play quarterback in this league is a tall task over time there are so many different things you’ll encounter, so many different players you’ll play with, all those different things that contribute to your growth as a quarterback.”

Meanwhile, coach Jim Harbaugh on Thursday said he cannot believe why anybody would think Kaepernick is not playing well this season.

“I think he’s doing a heck of a job,” Harbaugh said. “I guess I’d be puzzled to why people would think that. What’s most important is what we see. I’m puzzled to why you or anybody else thinks that.”