Sherman beats Kap for 'Madden' cover, 49ers fans rejoice

Sherman beats Kap for 'Madden' cover, 49ers fans rejoice
May 30, 2014, 6:30 pm
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With his risky style of play, Colin Kaepernick is one player that cannot afford any bad luck. (USATSI)

Richard Sherman got the better of Colin Kaepernick once more when the All-Pro corner beat the 49ers quarterback out in the fan polls for the next Madden cover. 

Sherman is now in the final phase of voting, pitted against Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. 

While it seems like one more accolade for Sherman, adding to his fame and upward trajectory, it might not be such a bad thing that Kap missed this particular honor. 

As most NFL and gaming fans can attest, this cover has quite an eerie history behind it. 


A brief look back at the 'Madden Curse': 

1999 - Garrison Hearst

Hearst had three 1,000-yard seasons including 1,570 yards in 1998, making him the first player to be featured on the Madden cover.

He broke his ankle that year, badly, which caused him to miss the following two seasons. Hearst was never the same. And the curse was born. 

2000 - Barry Sanders and Dorsey Levens

Sanders earned the honor, which oddly enough, was followed by his very abrupt retirement.

Levens replaced him on the cover and wound up injuring his knee. The Packers missed the postseason and Levens never started again.  

2001 - Eddie George

Despite having a career year in the regular season, George's most infamous play happened in 2001; the bobbled reception in the flat which was intercepted by Ray Lewis for a pick-six, ending the Titans' postseason. 

George spent the next year injured and never returned to form.

2002 - Daunte Culpepper

After leading the league in passing touchdowns in 2001, the Vikings went 4-7 the following year before Culpepper sustained a season-ending injury. 

2003 - Marshall Faulk

After posting seven 1,000-yard seasons up to that point, Faulk failed to play out the entire season, nagged by an ankle injury.

He didn't reach the milestone 1K mark, nor did he break double-digit touchdowns. 

2004 - Michael Vick

Michael Vick went 11-4 with the Falcons the year before.

After landing on the cover, he never led an NFL team to an above .500 record in a full season.

2005 - Ray Lewis

The Ravens went 9-7 and failed to make the playoffs for the first time in four years.

Lewis finished the year on the bench with a torn hamstring. 

2006 - Donovan McNabb

In Week 1 of the season, McNabb sustained a sports hernia.

He played through the pain for as long as he could, until opting for surgery, which ended his season. 

2007 - Shaun Alexander

Following a record-setting season on the ground, Alexander would break his foot in Week 3.

He missed six games before returning, but was never the same again.

2008 - Vince Young

Young played five games before injuring his quadriceps. 

The next year Young sustained a knee injury that kept him out for most of the season. 

2009 - Brett Favre

Favre was in retirement when he made the cover.

He returned as a New York Jet and played well until he tore his bicep. 

2010 - Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu

Polamalu sustained an MCL sprain in the season opener, while Fitzgerald had a strong year, until a rib injury caused him to miss the postseason. 

2011 - Drew Brees

The Saints had a tremendous year, returning to the postseason in style.

However, their season was trampled in heartbreaking fashion when they lost to the underdog Seattle Seahawks, highlighted by a touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch. 

2012 - Peyton Hillis

After an encouraging debut with the Browns, Hillis endured several injuries the following year and proved to be a one-hit wonder. 

2013 - Calvin Johnson

"Megatron" might be the one player to avoid the curse, having another monster season with 122 receptions and 1,964 yards. 

2014 - Barry Sanders 

Sanders is retired, fortunately.