Spikes nominated for Payton Man of the Year award

Spikes nominated for Payton Man of the Year award

Jan. 21, 201149ERS PAGE 49ERS VIDEO
49erslinebacker Takeo Spikes has been nominated for the Walter Payton NFLMan of the Year Award, the only league award that recognizes a playersoff-the-field community service as well as his playing excellence. Theannual award is named for the legendary Chicago Bears running back whopassed in 1999.Spikeshas participated in a wide range of community events throughout hiscareer and started his own foundation, 51 Ways Foundation, to furthergive back to those in need. His foundation was started in 2004 tosupport families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer andblood disorders through financial, spiritual and physical resources.During his time with the 49ers, Spikes has participated in communityrelations events related to the team that range from hospital visits,to stocking food boxes for food banks in San Francisco, to shoppingwith youth during the holidays for their families. Onemember from each of the 32 NFL teams is nominated for the award. Threefinalists for the award will be announced during the NFC ChampionshipGame on Sunday, January 23. The winner of the award will be announcedand recognized during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6.Allnominees will receive a 1,000 donation to the charity of their choice.The three finalists will receive an additional 5,000 donation in theirname. The winner of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award willreceive the Gladiator statue, an original art creation by the notedsculptor, Daniel Schwartz. In addition, the players favorite charitywill receive an additional 20,000 donation in his name.
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Seahawks lose All-Pro S Earl Thomas for season

Seahawks lose All-Pro S Earl Thomas for season

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seattle Seahawks will be without safety Earl Thomas for the rest of the season due to his broken lower left leg, no matter how far the team advances in the playoffs.

Coach Pete Carroll said Monday that further examination determined Thomas' fractured left tibia will require a recovery time that does not allow for the possibility of a return during the 2016 season. Carroll said after Sunday's 40-7 win over Carolina that Thomas' injury usually takes a minimum of six weeks of recovery time.

It's the first major injury of Thomas' career. He played 106 straight games before missing Seattle's loss at Tampa Bay last week with a hamstring injury. He quickly recovered to play against the Panthers, but was hurt in a second-quarter collision with teammate Kam Chancellor going for an interception.

Former 49ers coach Mike Nolan supports Trent Baalke over Chip Kelly

Former 49ers coach Mike Nolan supports Trent Baalke over Chip Kelly

Mike Nolan coached the 49ers for three full seasons before he was fired after Week 7 in his fourth year at the helm.

On Monday morning, he was asked about the situation in Santa Clara and if he would make a change at head coach or general manager.

"It's sad that it's gone to where it is," Nolan said on 95.7 The Game. "They're beginning to look much like when I took the job over in 2005 ... and there really was not a lot of good personnel on the team.

"The difference though that is better and will continue to be better, they will be (in) a much better cap situation going forward than we ever were back then ... but the losing I should say is really killing them.

"The personnel is not as bad as they're playing and that's the thing that really gets under your skin as a coach because you're frustrated by what's going on ... the thing that I have thought most of the season when people were talking about changes as the losses started to mount up, was not to change it. Because I know Trent (Baalke) personally, and Trent does a good job with personnel and that's his primary job.

"But for a lot of strange reasons -- guys retiring, guys quitting a couple years ago, just a lot of weird things that occurred -- their roster has kind of fallen off a little bit, but it is still a much better roster than some of these other teams that are not winning."

After winning their Week 1 game against the Rams, the 49ers have lost a franchise-record 11 straight games.

Chip Kelly is under contract through 2019 and the team owes Jim Tomsula $7 million over the next two years combined.

Baalke's contract runs through 2018.

"It's about players first and I think they have the right guy in place to pick the players but unfortunately for Trent, I think the choice of Tomsula hurt him and currently right now with Chip Kelly it's not helping him either," Nolan added. "They do not have a bad roster.

"Obviously they need a quarterback. They could be a .500 team in my opinion if they get a quarterback as near as next year even ... they got a tough decision to make at the end."