'Tony Montana' drives 49ers special teams

January 19, 2012, 3:01 am
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It has a nice beat, and the 49ers like to move to it.

It, being the rap song "Tony Montana" from Future ... yep, Scarface.

True, not your typical hype man or motivating character, but he works for the 49ers, specifically for the special teams unit, which has adopted the song to rev it up before kickoffs, (Think of it as gospel for the violent wedge-breakers of the world).

It has worked -- 49er special teamers Anthony Dixon and Blake Costanzo tell me it gets them hyped, so much so the team has not given up a touchdown return all season and opposing teams have started possessions in Niners territory just 11 times!

As San Francisco's magical season continues, on the verge of an NFC title, the 49ers can thank coach Jim Harbaugh for his guidance, Alex Smith for his precision, the defense for its stinginess and Tony Montana for giving the special teams a lesson in etiquette.

For who else can get 11 large men bent on violence to stop and "Say Hello To My Little Friend" ... ?

Music does sooth the savage beast, and possibly drive it to the Super Bowl.