Warner to Smith: 'Go back to San Francisco'

March 20, 2012, 12:41 am
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Kurt Warner knows a little something about playing quarterback in the NFC West. The retired signal caller, now an analyst for NFL Network, said Monday that the best situation for Alex Smith to succeed is with Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco.

Here's Warner's full quote from the NFL Network:

Id tell Alex Smith to go back to San Francisco. Id tell him that when you look around the landscape of the NFL, the best situation for you to succeed is in San Francisco. You go back to an offense youre comfortable with, you back to an offense where you had your best year as a pro you go back to a team that was in the NFC Championship Game. I understand that sometimes feelings can get hurt when the business part of it comes in, but if for no other reason than to look at this selfishly and say what is the best situation for Alex Smith, I dont think there is any question that its the San Francisco 49ers. If he were to call me and we were to talk, I would say that same thing: Maybe they hurt your feelings a little bit and I understand they went out to try to get one of the best thats ever played the game feeling as if that was going to be an upgrade right now, but bottom line do what is best for you and go to the best situation for you. I believe that is the 49ers.