What does it cost? The 2013 NFL fine schedule

Whitner on fine: 'The guy that was hit said it was legal'

What does it cost? The 2013 NFL fine schedule
October 2, 2013, 11:45 am
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Donte Whitner could face a $42,000 fine if he's penalized for another excessive hit on a defenseless player. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

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Safety Donte Whitner on Tuesday called the NFL-levied fine of $21,000 he received this week for his hit on a defenseless player “excessive.”

But there was nothing arbitrary about the amount Whitner was fined for using his shoulder to strike St. Louis Rams wide recever Chris Givens in the helmet and dislodging the ball in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s game. The NFL has a set fine amount for first- and second-time offenses. If Whitner is deemed guilty of the same offense again, the fine will double to $42,000.

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Whitner has vowed to appeal the fine.

Here is the NFL’s official 2013 schedule of fines:

(Posted fine amounts are for first offense/second offense)

Offense Against Game Official
Physical Contact with Official $26,250/$52,500
Verbal or other Non-Physical Offense $21,000/$42,000

Player Safety Rules and/or Flagrant Personal
Foul (including, without limitation): Suspension or fine; severity to be determined by degree of violation
(Fines listed are minimum)
Striking/Kicking/Kneeing $7,875/$15,750
Horse Collar Tackle $15,750/$31,500
Face Mask $7,875/$15,750
Leg Whip $15,750/$31,500
Late Hit $7,875/$15,750
Spearing $21,000/$42,000
Impermissible Use of the Helmet (including illegal launching) $21,000/$42,000
Initiating Contact with Crown of Helmet (new for 2013) $21,000/$42,000
Hit on Defenseless Player $21,000/$42,000
Blindside Block $21,000/$42,000
Roughing the Passer $15,750/$31,500
Low Block $7,875/$15,750
Chop Block $7,875/$15,750

Fighting $26,250/$52,500
Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (active involvement) $5,250/$10,500
Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (no active involvement) $2,625/$10,500

Excessive Profanity; other Unsportsmanlike Conduct (e.g., toward opponent(s), game personnel, fans, etc.) $10,500/$21,000
Taunting $7,875/$10,500
Football Into Stands $5,250/$10,500

Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform $7,875/$15,750
Chin Straps $7,875/$10,500
Personal Messages $5,250/$10,500
(Additional fines may be imposed on team management and coaching staffs for condoning, permitting, etc., violations in this area)
Other Uniform/Equipment Violations $5,250/$10,500