Tour of 49ers' new Santa Clara stadium

49ers stadium coming closer to completion

Tour of 49ers' new Santa Clara stadium
December 18, 2012, 11:30 pm
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A privilege of growing up in the Bay Area, has been seeing our new and refurbished sports venues evolve from imagination to completion.  There is something special to these masses of concrete and steel, where we spend so much time and emit so many emotions. 

My memories include the construction of “San Jose Arena”, the gutting and rebuilding of the “Coliseum Arena”, the inception of “Pac Bell Park”, a huge upgrade for “Harmon Gym”, and more recently, significant improvements to Cal’s Memorial Stadium, and Stanford Stadium. 

Slowly, but surely, the Bay Area is keeping pace with the rest of the country in regards to state-of-the-art sports facilities.

The next major upgrades to our experience will take place in 2014, as the 49ers and Earthquakes will each move into respective new Santa Clara stadiums. 

I recently had the opportunity to experience a private tour of the $1.2 Billion football complex being built adjacent to the Great America theme park.  I quickly jumped at the offer.

While observing a construction project of that size is inherently interesting, I figured it would add even more significant value come the day I am covering a 49ers game at the same site.  I hope you enjoy this feature and getting a chance to see how things are shaping up. 

I also hope you remember it down the road, as you watch or attend your first game in the South Bay… and that it will help you appreciate how much thought and effort the construction took. 

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