About last night: Warriors hang in, fall to Lakers

December 30, 2009, 6:03 pm
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About last night --Nice effort, no doubt it. Warriors hang in, down just onewith two minutes left, then lose 124-118 to the Lakers in L.A.Warriors are playing better. Im thinking if they stayrelatively healthy from here on out, and play pretty much like they have thepast week, Don Nelson getting that record isnt going to be an issue.--Not a stretch to say Ronny Turiaf is a little furtherahead of Andris Biedrins.--Stephen Curry does some nice things, but I keep waitingfor him to turn the ball over less and bump up that assist-to-turnover ratio to2-to-1. Thats got to be astarting point for an NBA point guard, even a rookie. --Monta Ellis didnt shoot the ball as well as he had beenshooting, going 10-for-23 against the Lakers, but he still was pretty solid,all things considered. The more I see Ellis this season the more I think thatif the Warriors could find a player as good as him or better, then they mighthave a little something. But where to find that player?--By the way, Curry might know a little bit about howAnthony Randolph feels. Warriors coach Don Nelson has definitely been coachingCurry a little harder in recent games, favoring C.J. Watson over him at certaintimes.I dont have a big problem with Nelson holding Curry moreaccountable if for no other reason than it should make Randolph realize hesnot the only one.--Hey, Biedrins and Turiaf might not make the Warriors aplayoff team, but they certainly make them better. They do it in a number ofways, with interior defense and rebounding topping the list.At the same time, dont sleep on Biedrins and Turiafsbasketball IQs. Simply put, they make the Warriors a smarter team, which ispretty important considering Golden State isnt the most cerebral team in theleague.Both of those centers can pass a little bit, which keeps theball moving at the offensive end, and both players understand the team defenseconcept.--Already looking a little bit forward to Warriors-Portlandgame on Jan. 2. Everyone knows Ellis did a bang-up job on Brandon Roy the lasttime the teams met in Oakland, probably Roy most of all. Roys a good one andthe good ones dont like to be outplayed twice in a row.

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