At almost 40 what is next for Jason Kidd?

April 2, 2012, 10:12 pm
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San Francisco native and Cal alum, Jason Kidd, is still going strong in the NBA as he approaches his 40th birthday. Kidd has had a consistent year with the Mavericks and does not see retirement in his imminent future. However, when asked about his plans when he finally hangs it up, Kidd announced his interests in becoming a General Manager.

"I would like to go upstairs," Kidd told Hoopsworld. "I'd like to be the person who puts all of the pieces together. we'll see if that works out."

Out of the 30 NBA teams 18 GM's, including Golden State's very own Chris Mullin, are retired NBA players. Kidd hopes to join these ranks with managerial pursuits on his mind. Great players don't always make great GM's. Hopefully Kidd will be able to take the same leadership and work ethic he has shown time and again on the court to a position behind the scenes as manager of an NBA team.

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