Back in the Desert

March 20, 2010, 4:14 pm
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March 20, 2010SCOTTSDALE,Ariz. -- Ive often said that the best sports journalism takes fans where theycant otherwise go. That should be the goal of everybody in the business: servethe fan.And while thispost is certainly self-serving to an extent, Im compelled to post it to makesure the Bay Areas baseball fans dont miss out on a supremely cool thingwere doing this week on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and Comcast SportsNet California.As youre surelyaware, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area is the television home of the Giants, with Comcast SportsNet Cali the TVhome of the As. Beginning Saturday, March 20, were bringing you as close asyoull ever get to big-league players during spring training -- and given thegreat access fans have in the desert as it is, thats saying something.How close? Howabout in the dugout, during the game?Thats wherewell be, talking to a variety of your favorite players, on Saturday while theGiants are hosting the Reds at Scottsdale Stadium; on Wednesdaynight as the As host the Dodgers at Phoenix Municipal Stadium; and Thursdaynight as the As and Giants square off back in Scottsdale.Buster Poseyhits a bomb? Well bust out an interview with him, on the spot.Rajai Davisbecomes the first man in baseball history to steal first base? Well steal himfrom his teammates for a couple of minutes and bring him to you.Its somethingTV crews cant do during the regular season, unless you count the mind-numbingheadset chats with a pitching coach youve never heard of.Announcerto coach: Phil, hows your young lefty holding up in this heat?Coach: Well,Ill tell you what, Joe -- this kids in great shape. As long as he hits hisspots and stays on top of the ball and throws downhill and works both sides ofthe plate and changes speeds and stays hydrated, hes gonna be just fine.Fans:Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.There will be nosleeping during Comcast SportsNets TV coverage of the Giants and As this week. Youre gonnalove it, and for those of you whove been missing our Home Movies, heres alittle bonus: The flip cam will be in the dugout, too!--MychaelUrban