Beltran flies on Giants' plane, chats up Bochy

July 12, 2011, 7:14 pm
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July 12, 2011GIANTS PAGE GIANTS VIDEOJaymee Sire

PHOENIX -- Slugger Carlos Beltran remains a member of the Mets but he got pretty cozy with the Giants during the All-Star break, riding on San Francisco's plane, chatting baseball with third baseman Pablo Sandoval and manager Bruce Bochy on the way to Arizona.

Here's what Beltran had to say at Media Day in advance of the 82nd All-Star Game:

Jaymee Sire: Can you tell me how the plane ride was? Did you have any interaction with the Giants and is it a team you could see yourself playing for?Carlos Beltran: Well we sit on the back of the plane first. Some of the guys came to visit us -- (Bruce) Bochy came to say hi, the hitting coach, Pablo Sandoval was sitting in the back. We were talking about baseball, we were talking about our division, their division. Like I've said, me as a ballplayer right now, I play for the Mets and we're playing good baseball, we're winning ballgames. We're contending, we're competing, so I don't know what's going to happen with me. All we have to do is wait.

Jaymee Sire: Out of all the Giants pitchers -- they have four pitchers here -- who is the one you hate to face the most?
Carlos Beltran: Well, I don't want to say hate. I would like to say uncomfortable. As a ballplayer you want to face the good pitchers, that's how you prove yourself. But I would like to say Tim Lincecum. He's one of the guys who (makes it) kind of uncomfortable at bat. He throws hard -- good curveball, good changeup. But at the same time, as a ballplayer you want to have those at bats to kind of let you know where you're at.