BUZZ: Lincecum on display; another A's opener; nasty Sharks

April 6, 2012, 3:55 pm
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1. Lincecum & Co. Tim Lincecum is a Yahoo! search topic on cold days in January, so hes definitely the man of the hour today, as he takes the mound for the Giants season opener against the Snakes. The Giants have made their customers happy in the past week, locking up Matt Cain and bucking their history to go with youth Hector Sanchez, Brandon Belt. Well, except for that spry left fielder, who might remind us of the days whenBarry Bonds emulated a statue by the Chevron sign.

2. Ryan Clowe is a trending topic, not because theSharks won on Thursday night and not because they made the playoffs even before they won, thanks to losses by Colorado and Dallas, but because he stuck his stick out from the bench to interfere with a play. Thats cheating, folks. The Sharks cheated, they fought including Joe Thornton -- they were nasty and desperate. They looked like theyd had a pep talk fromGregg Williams.

3. Gregg Williams I dont care how long youve watched the NFL or how low your expectations are for NFL coaches, the Greg Williams tape targetingAlex Smith, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and other 49erswas still stomach-churning, an ugly peak behind the curtain of Americas favorite sport. But given how the 49ers hit theSaints in that game, they probably had a similar discussion in their defensive meeting the same night.

4. Bobby Petrino Raise your hand if you thought Petrino was a scumbag when he fledLouisville for the Atlanta Falcons, then jumped ship with three games left in the NFL season so Razorbacks fans could serenade him with Sooooo-eeee. Raise your hand if you think Jessica Dorrell needs some self-esteem lessons.

5. The As the Swingin Anonymous Guys get to have their second opening day in less than two weeks, this time without the jet lag or the sushi. However, its unlikely theyll top the crowd of 44,000-plus that watched their first game at the Tokyo Dome where the stands were tarp-free..