Cal-Hi Sports: What each season brings

Cal-Hi Sports: What each season brings
March 20, 2013, 10:15 pm
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With spring sports comes baseball and softball, a great time to get a farmers tan.

When your job is covering high school sports for a living, the changing athletic seasons are a big deal. When football playoffs come it's time to break out the rain jacket but the fast approaching basketball season has the comfort of a covered and heated gym just around the corner. Soccer is always cold, baseball is always warm, each season brings it's positives and negatives. The big question? Which season is the best?

Football is a great way to start out the sporting year, it's the most big-time of the high school sports and with so many games Friday night, it creates the most buzz and anticipation throughout the week. It's also fun to film the games for football. Being on the sideline and gives you a whole different perspective on the game. It's fast paced and you have to be on your toes the whole time so you don't get run over by some 200-pound high school manchild (as I have before in the East Bay). Football is a thrill to cover, but when you're filming a game in the pouring rain trying not to get your camera wet... well, it can get a little tedious. Big cheers for football all around though.

Basketball season is usually a welcome scene around the Bay Area as a long football season and the cold of the early winter open to a warm gym and a friendly score book (easier for us reporter types to gather stats after the game vs. the craziness of football postgame). Basketball is personally my favorite sport to follow, but that's only because I'm a hoops junkie and the Bay Area is absolutely drenched in top tier talent these days. The quick games and hospitable rooms in tourney time and playoffs is a nice touch as well. Basketball scores high marks for talent and comfort, but if you want to talk atmosphere, we'll move to spring...

With spring sports comes baseball and softball, a great time to get a farmers tan, wear shorts and flip flops at work and eat so many cracked pepper sunflower seeds it'll make your front lip scrunch up. When it's baseball and softball season, you know you're going to have a good time at the yard just from the pure fact that it's fun to be at a ball game. Throw in the amazing Bay Area spring and summer weather and you have a good reason to go to work in the morning. There's always top national talent in the Bay as well when it comes to spring sports, with the MLB Draft picking local prospects each year. It's always fun to watch scouts in the bleachers and seeing the student athletes' reactions on the field. It's hard not to have a good time during spring sports.

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