CFT: Oklahoma to Pac-12 imminent?

September 12, 2011, 8:50 pm
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As weve seen with Texas A&Ms attempt to move on to the SEC, departing Big 12 members havent exactly been able to just waltz out on the conference at their leisure. The Baylor Four (Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas) have made things especially difficult for the Aggies by not signing over the waiver to pursue litigation.

While Baylors case to prove damages in A&Ms departure may seem like a long shot, it did send a clear warning shot to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, whose potential package deal to the Pac-12 also appeared to be on the western horizon.

A&Ms departure would be a devastating blow to the Big 12, but its survival depends on OU and Texas. If the Sooners leave, Baylor may have a more significant case to pursue legal action.

That may not stop OU, though. OrangeBloods.coms Chip Brown reports this morning that Oklahoma will look to apply for Pac-12 membership by the end of this month, a source close to the schools administration has said. Oklahoma State is expected to follow.

The source states that OU is fed up with Big 12 instability and is prepared to move on with or without Texas.

But its important to recap the legal processes that need to occur if Oklahoma and Oklahoma State were to depart. As evident by commissioner Larry Scotts comments last Friday, the Pac-12 wont publicly pursue any kind of expansion with the possibility of a tortious interference lawsuit on the other end. Its why SEC officials met weeks ago to publicly downplay the possible addition of A&M.

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