Clean socks and superstitions

May 2, 2013, 3:15 pm
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I’m not a big superstition guy. If I win a game, I change my socks. Fact is, I like clean socks more than the chance changing the socks will make me lose my next game.

So when athletes talk about a Cal-Hi Sports jinx, I laugh and know at some point their team will win when our cameras are there to shoot them.

This week, I went to Bishop O’Dowd expecting the warm welcome I always get when I go to a Dragons game of any kind. But this time head coach Chris Kyriacou looked up from his scorebook when he saw me arrive and gave me a knowing smile. "The guys say you’re giving us bad luck" said Kyriacou.

Standing right next to the coach was outstanding third baseman Kenneth Swain. "Yep, six in a row going back to last year", said Swain.

I had no idea. I’ve had similar bad luck with the Bellarmine baseball team this year. I’ve shot them twice with losses, and then we decided not to shoot their game this week with first place St. Francis; the Bells won, of course.

The teams playing against the Dragons and Bells are of course thrilled to have me at their games and the Berkeley players smiled as they watched me leave the field after their win over O’Dowd. Seems one man’s jinx is another man’s chance to shine on TV.

At some point this season I will shoot an O’Dowd game and the Dragons will win, same for Bellarmine. But in the meantime I will get some funny looks as I walk up to shoot their games. One thing for sure, when I arrive I will be wearing clean socks.