Clippers' sale to Ballmer raises Warriors' value

Clippers' sale to Ballmer raises Warriors' value
May 29, 2014, 6:30 pm
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Sometimes unthinking racism raises all boats.
Ray Ratto

Steve Ballmer may have just bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion if the NBA decides to let Shelly Sterling handle the sale and thus avoid a messy court fight over the ouster of the Sterlings from the league. This is good news for the other 29 owners, including Golden State's Joe Lacob, who probably watched his team's value rise another half-billion simply by letting Don Sterling be Don Sterling. So in that case, and you can be as ashamed of this as you like, sometimes unthinking racism raises all boats.

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Grant Brisbee, the godhead behind McCovey Chronicles, decided to list his 12 most hated teams for Giants fans, and because the Cardinals are hosting his beloveds, he decided to rank St. Louis third behind the Dodgers and Yankees. His rationale, broken into an out-of-context chunk:

“It's fun to hate an older franchise with so much history. It's always fun to be the pedantic twit when someone mentions Ozzie Smith as one of the unabashedly beloved players in baseball history, ‘cause he's kind of a ghoul . . . A Cardinals/Rockies NLCS might make me a slight and begrudging Rockies fan.”

We’re not sure we believe that, but the intriguing bit was where he ranked the A’s – which is not at all, even behind his 12th choice, which was “Nah.”

Now that’s the quintessential Giants fan right there – dismissive without even mentioning the elephant at all.


Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is playing a key role in trying to put pressure on FIFA to move the 2018 World Cup out of Russia, out of solidarity with his Ukrainian brethren, asking among other things for a boycott of major World Cup sponsors until it is moved elsewhere.

Of course, FIFA gave the 2022 World Cup to the solar flare that is Qatar, so it is unlikely to return any of the br . . . er, uhh, let’s just say Gene is spitting up a tree here and let it go at that.


Because the Miami Dolphins are trying to see how much worse their reputation can get before the start of next season, former team scout Nate Sullivan plans to sue the team over his firing, ostensibly for working from home while tending to his cystic fibrosis-stricken wife. Sullivan claimed he had a working arrangement with the team’s previous three general managers which allowed him to work from home and remain close to his wife, but says that new GM Dennis Hickey was less malleable and and fired Sullivan because of it.

In addition, Sullivan’s letter announcing his intention to sue also claims the Dolphins began excluding cystic fibrosis medications from their health care when revamping their insurance offerings in April, and in fact according to Sullivan’s lawyer, “It is our understanding that Cystic Fibrosis was the only terminal medical condition singled out.”

Note to Steve Ross: Is this something you really think you need to win?


Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic, at the French Open like all other tennis players, felt compelled to tweet, “I apologize for the sloppy hair!” Even after you throw out the snark, the unintended irony, the bathos and the pathos, you’d still like to slug him one for brining it up at all. Buy a hat if it’s bugging you that much.


John Daly told interviewer Graham Bensinger that he went through tax records in research for his just-published book, entitled, “I Hit On 19 All The Time,” and estimates that he blew $55 million, give or take, with gambling.

“I should say I regret it,” Daly said. “But I did it, I move on from it, I had a lot of fun doing it.” He said he had binges where he played seven hands of blackjack, at $5,000-15,000 per bet, at once, played a $5,000 slot machine at the Wynn, and said there were occasions where he stayed in the casino gambling for days at a time. “The only time I got up was to go to the bathroom,” he said.

Now what kind of casino would allow a guy like that to leave the table? They should have built a bathroom beneath him, as they do for any high roller.


And finally, Manhattan basketball coach Steve Masiello got his college degree (well, he’s getting it in August, but the work is done). He had been on unpaid leave by the school since April after it was discovered that he had not earned his degree from Kentucky. Masiello had accepted the South Florida job, but a background check turned up that he hadn't finished the requirements to earn his degree.

Of course, now that he gets to wear the placemat hat with the tassel on it, he could still blow it all at a great drunken bash, the way a lot of college students do. After all, his degree is from Kentucky, and the ones who don’t empty keggers will pound a good supermarket bourbon. It’s what students everywhere do, and Masiello should live the experience before he goes back to recruiting.

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