CSNPhilly: Triple-A release in 2010 hurt Vogelsong

July 12, 2011, 6:08 pm
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July 12, 2011GIANTS PAGE GIANTS VIDEOJim Salisbury

PHOENIX -- Ryan Vogelsong remembers how happy he was in December 2009 when the Phillies called. He had just spent three seasons pitching in Japan and was eager to come back and pitch in the United States. And when the offer came from the Phillies, even though it was just a minor-league contract, he was thrilled. After all, that was the team he grew up rooting for as a kid in Chester County.

Eight months later, in July 2010, Vogelsongs happiness turned to despair. He was standing in the outfield in Louisville during batting practice when Rod Nichols, the Phillies Triple A pitching coach, asked him to come over.

Vogelsong had been around long enough to know Nichols didnt just want to say hello.

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Release or DL? Vogelsong asked Nichols.

Release, Nichols said.

A year after the Phillies cut him from their Triple A team, Vogelsong recalled the pain Monday.

It hurt, he said. You have to understand, I grew up 30 minutes away. I was a Phillies fan. I wanted to be a Phillie. At that moment it was gone. It hurt.

The hurt is gone now.

Vogelsong is a baseball survivor.

He also may be the best story at this years All-Star Game.