DeRosa? At least it'd be a start

December 24, 2009, 4:05 pm
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That the Giants have an offer out to Mark DeRosa isn't news. That offer has been out there for a couple of weeks, as have a variety of offers to a variety of other players. The news, and I use that term loosely because neither the Giants nor DeRosa's agent are on record confirming it, is that the offer is a two-year shot worth 12 million.If that's the case, I'm surprised DeRosa hasn't jumped all over it. He's 34 years old, and he's never made more than the 5.5 million he made with the Indians and Cardinals last season.In fact, that's why I'm a tad skeptical about these numbers. But let's say they're accurate and move on to the numbers that really matter.They are: .250, .319, 23 and 78.That's DeRosa's batting average, on-base percentage, home runs and RBIs last year.You're forgiven if your socks did not just get cold knocked off your feet. Eye-popping stats they aren't.But if you're looking for the Giants to make a jaw-dropping move to land someone with monster numbers, you might want to pitch a tent and stock up on pork and beans. It's gonna be a while.Here's another number, though: 105. That's how many games DeRosa played at third base last season, and if his agent catches a clue and realizes that a bigger offer for a 34-year-old glorified utilityman isn't forthcoming, at least that 105 means Pablo Sandoval can get on with what should be a long and successful career as an above-average first baseman. Is DeRosa the answer? No. But the Giants aren't going to be able to sign any one player who is, because the answer to their problems -- and we all know what they are, right? -- will not come in the form of one player. It will have to come, or come close to coming, from multiple players, and DeRosa might be a decent fit in that regard. If it makes you feel any better, think of him as Juan Uribe. He's that kind of player.Look, DeRosa is unlikely to hit 23 bombs playing half of his games at China Basin, and he certainly needs to get that OBP up. But he's a smart gap-to-gap hitter and a decent defensive player capable of bouncing all over the diamond in a pinch, and there's value in that.Is he Steve Austin? Not from this angle. Mark DeRosa is not a 6 million man. Still, they're on the right track if they've realized that three DeRosa types would be more wise than getting one Matt Holliday or Jason Bay.Does this mean I've put my Miguel Tejada drums away? Nope. I'd still much prefer Tejada over DeRosa. The reality, though, is that while Tejada's name has come up in meetings among Giants decision-makers, none of the honchos share my enthusiasm for the notion. Tejada doesn't have an offer from the Giants. DeRosa does.If he's smart, he'll take it. If the Giants are smart, getting DeRosa will be only the beginning.After all, even if DeRosa as Uribe works for you, you're still wondering who the next Bengie Molina is going to be. And once you find him, all you are is back to square one.