Emptying the Mailbag

January 8, 2010, 12:50 am
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Youve got questions, and I think Ive got answers. E-mail Matt Steinmetz, and letsget into it
Are the Warriors going to make a trade? Ricky M., Concord,Calif.Id put the odds at better than 50-50 right now. TheWarriors are 10-24, and while they figure to improve in January, its not likewere looking at a dramatic turnaround here. When youre struggling like theWarriors are struggling, its almost more gutsy to sit tight than to make amove.

I think there will opportunity for Warriors general manager Larry Rileyto make a move, and it will be awfully tough to not do anything.

Hey, Matt, should the Warriors get Tracy McGrady? Andre,San Jose.
It almost doesnt matter whether or not the Warriors should.They wont. Why? Because Riley has basically stated that hes not interested incap room because there is no guarantee you can parlay that into a tangible freeagent.

So, dont expect him to make a trade and part with a piece just to haveMcGrady in a Warriors uniform for a couple of months. Plus, theres the veryreal issue of McGradys injury history.When will the Warriors sign a player out of the D-League?Mike, San Jose.
Id look for that to happen in the next week or so, if it happens at all. Warriorscoach Don Nelson has expressed interest in bringing in a small forward type soI wouldnt be surprised if something is forthcoming.

With the good play of Corey Maggette, if he keeps it up,will the Warriors still make it a priority to trade him? If we do, we would beputting even more pressure on Monta Ellis. --Kirk, Redwood City, Calif.

I still believe moving Maggette is a priority, and I believethat for a couple of reasons. First, the Warriors would love to get offMaggettes contract. Second, Maggette certainly has some value around theleague, specifically with a few contenders and even with some general playoffteams.
Maggette certainly isnt without value, but he just doesntfit on this young Warriors team. Asfor putting more pressure on Ellis, if the Warriors make the right trade forMaggette, then the move should actually take pressure off Ellis. Maggette helpsin one area: scoring.But if the Warriors were to get a more well-rounded player,such a player would certainly help Ellis more than Maggette does.
Yo, Matt, in Mychael Urbans chat the other day he claimsyou called him out back-in-the-day and challenged him to one-on-one. Ive seenhim. Hes like Mark Eaton. How would you take him? Hed try to back you downall day long? Money B. Oakland.

Ill tell you right now, without ever having seen him play,Urban is one of these robotic, mechanical big men who you can turn over atwill. And I see playing against him resulting in me getting hurt.

Ive seen Anthony Randolph has the potential to be great.But will he become a triple threat with his shooting, passing and driving anytimesoon? Canaan B., San Jose.
I think Randolph is still years away from reaching hispotential at least three or four years. And whats most scary is that hemight never end up being the kind of player most hope he will become. But thenagain, he might. Thats what makes him so intriguing.I like that he can put up numbers by accident. But he stillhas a long way to go in terms of refining his game.

Where is Jaymee Sire? Wiwat, San Jose.

A lot of times shes downstairs. I work on the second floor,and she works on the first. When shes not down there, you can find her on thesidelines at Warriors games and Raiders games, not to mention in the studiohosting SportsNet Central. Shes not hard to find. You just have to look.

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