Espionage isn't Dennis Allen's gig

Allen playing cards close to the vest approaching season opener

Espionage isn't Dennis Allen's gig
September 2, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Dennis Allen tried to keep his quarterback decision under wraps, but these things have a way of leaking out. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

Oakland coach Dennis Allen has decided not to name his starting quarterback until game time Sunday for tactical reasons. Well, Garry Kasparov, guess what. The news got out by sundown, via the San Francisco Chronicle's Vic Tafur, because nobody but you cares all that much about preserving your secret.

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Put another way, the betting line went from 7 ½ to 10 with your secret intact, Denny Boy, and it will keep going up now that the cat's out of the sack. Now that doesn’t worry you, but let’s just be frank – espionage isn’t your gig.


That in mind, the Raiders begin Sunday with hope in the impossible. They also begin with $51 million in dead money, and if you took Darren McFadden, Matt Flynn and Sebastian Janikowski off the books, they’d have more dead money than live money.

So it’s like we’ve said all along. Get your tickets for 2014, because it can only look better.


Tim Tebow’s future in the NFL looks stalled, but surely he must be locked and loaded for a place in the Canadian Football League. Except that he isn’t.

"I own his rights and I never even spoke to the guy," Montreal Alouettes coach and general manager Jim Popp told Yahoo Sports’ Les Carpenter two days before Tebow's final preseason game with New England.
The Alouettes had acquired Tebow's rights years ago at the request of then head coach/now Bears head coach Marc Trestman, who had worked with Tebow before the 2010 NFL Draft.

Since then, the Als have hit the skids, with the league’s worst record and firing former Boise State and Colorado coach Dan Hawkins, and without starter Anthony Calvillo, who is 41 and concussed, so the need for a Tebow-like figure is . . . nebulous.

“Would I look at him? Sure he's a winner,” Popp said. “Would he ever be the starter? I have no idea . . . This league, because the field is so wide, you still have to throw the ball, and I don't know if Tim Tebow would ever work in this league. He would have the opportunity to run the ball in this league but if you can't make all the throws, you can't play in this league.”

So it’s official then. Tebow’s future seems to be in the SEC.


Why this, you ask? Because (a) Kissing Suzy Kolber says so, and because (b) it’s just that time.


North Dakota State, which smote Kansas State Saturday, is 7-3 against FCS opponents since 2006. We mention that just in case the Big 10 wants to expand again.


Diana Nyad, who is 64 but a well-known swimming champion from back in what kids like to call “the day,” swam for 53 hours without a shark cage from Cuba to Florida. She didn’t need the cage, though, as even sharks find that kind of behavior excessive.


And finally, your Dodgers update: Since June 22, they have gone 52-13 (.800) and gained 22 games on the field, from minus-9 ½ to plus 12 ½. Not even Good Barry Zito could save you from that, so give that one a rest.

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