Following Barry Zito's first rehab start

June 7, 2011, 2:30 am
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June 6, 2011
Editor's Note: Mychael Urban is at the Stockton Ports - San Jose Giants Single-A game, following Barry Zito's first rehab start. Follow @MUrbanCSN's real-time updates on Twitter.

9:14 pm: Reliever came on with one on, two out, gave up a walk and single to stick Zito with a run.

9:11 pm: Zito out of the game. 82 pitches, 2 hits, zero walks, HPB, 2 DPs, 1 over minimum, 6 23 innings. Standing ovation from SF Giants fans. Zito waves to the crowd.

9:03 pm: Zito's seventh; FB 86, 6-3, one down. Curve called. Curve, ball. Curve HBP. Batter didn't even try to get out of the way. Choice vs. Zito: change-up, ball. Cutter, foul. FB 85, ball. Slider, ball. FB 84, F8, two down.

8:54 pm: Zito six Ks, 2 hits, zero walks, faced minimum 18 batters so far. Nothing down middle with exception of some freeze-me called third strike fastballs.

8:53 pm: Zito. Back for sixth. Official pitch count is 59, not 57. Curve, ball. Change swinging. FB 88 swinging. Cutter foul. Curve, ball. Curve foul. Curve foul. Change 65 swinging K. FB 86 called. Curve, ball. Curve, swinging. FB called K, 86. Two down. Curve, foul. Slider, foul. FB called K. Inning over. 74 pitches though six innings.

8:35 pm: Carter vs. Zito II: FB called, curve called, FB squeezed on corner, 86mph. Change-up off end of bat, single up the middle. Cutter ball, FB ball, 84mph. FB 83 swinging, FB 84, ball. FB 85, 5-4-3 double play. Curve ball, curve ball, cutter called strike, cutter 4-3, inning over. 14 pitches, 57 total through 5 innings.

7:59 pm: Zito's fourth inning: Fastball 83mph, ball. Change swinging. Change swinging. FB 85. Squeezed. Cutter 80, 5-3, one out (dealing). First-pitch fastball, 85mph, F7, two out. Zito vs. Choice: FB called, two sliders both balls, FB, ball 84mph, FB foul, full count. FB 84, F8, inning over. 12-pitch inning, 43 pitches through 4 innings.

7:51 pm: Zito back on mound. Change looking. Slider ball. Curve swinging. Curve swinging K. Real sharp. One out. Cutter ball. Fastball off end of bat doinked for opposite field single. Cutter 83mph called. Change called. Curve, 4-6-3 double play. Inning over. Eight-pitch inning, 31 total over three innings. One hit, zero 3-ball counts.

7:37 p.m: Scout just told me his gun is probably a couple mph slower than most, btw, so Zito's sitting between 84-86 with fastball. Curve called. 81 cutter swing, 0-2. 78 cutter high. FB 83 3unassisted. 11-pitch inning. 23 total. Two perfect innings. Great command.

7:19 p.m: Zito wearing No. 7. Nice ovation from Stockton fans. Zito's first batter: 6-3. Fastball 83. 82. ... Great curve 67 ... Slider ball. 2-2 ... 81 FB for 4-3. Change 75 ball. FB 82 foul, 1-1. Nice curve foul. Curve foul. Slider swinging K. Inning over.

Scout w gun on Zito's velocity: "Can't accuse him of being too amped up." But added: "Looks like he' focusing on addingsubtracting. Nice."