Giants left their home run swing in Atlanta

Giants left their home run swing in Atlanta
May 5, 2014, 10:00 pm
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The Giants scored 11 runs and hit zero home runs. No, I don’t know how they did it either.
Ray Ratto

The Giants played five hours and 29 minutes and scored 11 runs Monday night in Pittsburgh and hit zero home runs. No, I don’t know how they did it either.

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On a slow news day, it’s always good to read a little tale of gratitude, like this tweet from Floyd Mayweather after he nearly lost to Marcos Maidana Saturday night:

“$32M for 36 minutes. I'm waiting for the PPV numbers to come in so I can make another $38M on the back-end. Making it a grand total of $70M.”

Warms your gizzard, don’t it?

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If Tracy McGrady’s Tweet (“Me and Roy Hibbert had the same amount of points and rebounds tonight”) off Indiana’s 102-96 Game 1 loss at home to Washington didn’t tell you anything about how lousy the Eastern Conference regular season champion has been to watch, nothing will.

Except Hibbert said he’s going to.

“I’m going to change some things up for the second game. I’m going to look within myself and go out there and figure it out.”

No hurry, big fella. It’s only the conference semis.


Corvallis, Oregon, is so completely screwed.

Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis announced March 28 that head coach Craig Robinson would return for a seventh season as basketball coach. Five weeks later, during which time Robinson went undefeated (granted, by not playing), DeCarolis changed his mind about President Obama’s brother-in-law.

“During a phone call with him on Thursday, I acknowledged to him that I had changed my mind," De Carolis said. "Despite my sincere want for Craig to be successful at Oregon State, as the days moved on since March, it became clear to me that wanting it to work with Craig as our coach was not good enough. Oregon State University, our student-athletes and our loyal supporters deserve more than a simple desire. They deserve success.”

DeCarolis does know that Robinson’s BIL can call in tactical air strikes whenever and wherever he wants, right?


Donald Sterling . . . oops, sorry, I feel a need for a shower coming on . . . okay, I’m back, and I still don’t want to say anything about him.

Except that in his absence, his former team is 3-1, and were so exhausted after their emotional battle with Golden State that they could barely keep themselves together in Oklaho . . . er, uhh, oh. They crushed the Thunder, 122-105. Evidently, the Ghost of Sterling House is the gift that keeps on giving.


Commissioner Roger Goodell dropped hints to the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen about expanding the draft to four nights . . . and suddenly I need another shower.


Just when I was within 13 or 26 more games without a Sidney Crosby goal of feeling sorry for Sidney Crosby, Sidney Crosby scored a goal Monday night. How good for Sidney Crosby that he is Sidney Crosby again.


And finally, Roy Williams might be interested in the Lakers job. Hmmm, I know a coach with very recent . . . well, current NBA experience who might need a job soon. Wonder if someone can connect that dot.

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