Giants' Posey feeling 'great' about rehab

July 7, 2011, 3:14 am
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July 6, 2011
GIANTS PAGE GIANTS VIDEO staffGiants catcher Buster Posey joined Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow in the broadcast booth during Wednesday's game with the Padres.Posey fielded all manor of questions, discussing the twins his wife is expecting, which pitcher is the most difficult to catch, the status of his injury and more.

On Buster Posey's rehabilitation:
Duane Kuiper: The obvious question, how are you doing?Buster Posey: Great, Great. Im doing great. Think the rehab process is coming along really smooth. You know, still got four or five weeks 'till I can put any pressure on the ankle but I think everybody is happy right now.
Mike Krukow: Buster, what do you miss most about not playing?Buster Posey: Playing. The competition. You guys know, you played. We're pretty lucky to get to step in that box or step on the mound and compete at the highest level.
On the most difficult Giants pitcher to catch:Buster Posey: Hardest guy.. Depends on the night. Depends on whos got there A game. You know probably the one that I had to adjust to the most was Timmy just because his stuff is so different. A lot of deception, a lot of moving parts and you see what it does to other teams. Its hard to hit and sometimes its a little difficult to catch sometimes.

On Buster Posey's unborn twins:Mike Krukrow: I want to know how your wife Kristen is doing as shes expecting twins in August.Buster Posey: Shes doing well. Shes doing well. The poor girl got the raw end of the deal in this one because obviously this is are first go around with having babies and Im suppose to be the one taking care of her right now. Its kind of been opposite. Were getting close so were getting excited. Mike Krukow: Your times coming. Dont worry. Youll pay your dues.Duane Kuiper: I was talking to you yesterday and how your priorities change over one play. You were saying I want to be able to kind of get back on my feet before the babies arrive.Buster Posey: Definitely. I think Im going to have a good shot at it. Hopefully they come when there suppose to come, keep our fingers cross. You know, are training staff is doing a great job of working hard with me everyday.