Hey Bud, it's dishonest to call Hank Aaron 'true home run king'

Hey Bud, it's dishonest to call Hank Aaron 'true home run king'
April 9, 2014, 7:45 pm
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Removing facts that are inconvenient for the sake of a narrative is simply dishonest.
Ray Ratto

Bud Selig remains steadfast, with a number of old-time sportswriters, in his assertion that Henry Aaron is the “true home run champion.” In other words, that 762 is actually less than 755.

This of course reduces Aaron to a single line of type (when he was so much more) and fetishizes a single number (often by people who reject most modern metrics), but more important is this:

Removing facts that are inconvenient for the sake of a narrative is simply dishonest. Barry Bonds hit more home runs than Hank Aaron, but anyone is perfectly free to add or subtract context, even if that context is “Yeah, but he cheated.”

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And if baseball matters as more than just a counting exercise, Aaron should be noted for all his gifts, not just for the one.

But then, if you do that, you can’t pretend that things that happened didn’t, and you can write history any old way you want.


Speaking of cheating, new Hall of Famer Frank Thomas tweeted out that he thinks the balls are juiced:

“Let's make sure this is Real!!! The Baseballs don't fly like this in April!! Trust Me the Balls are Doctored!! Enough Said!!”

A year ago, there were 55 more home runs at this point. Apparently baseball is worried that people are only counting “true” homers.


Trevor Siemian, who is replacing Kain Colter as the quarterback at Northwestern, has made it clear that he does not share Colter’s view on the drive to unionize the football team. This is fine, as different viewpoints are usually a good thing.

But then he said something else, that he has “been treated far better than I deserve” at Northwestern.

That seems mad on its fact. He is almost certainly being treated exactly as he deserves, as by all accounts he is a good student and a benefit to the university. Just a semantic point, but still . . .


And then there’s former college quarterback A.J. McCarron, whose fiancée Katherine Webb will be starring in a reality show (yeah, because we’re running out of reality shows). McCarron, no doubt seeing his goal of playing in the NFL taking on soot, tweets he is still a football player.

“I think it's funny how people think I am doing a tv show. I play football that's it! What my future wife does is her business #worryaboutyou.”

Ignoring the silly hashtag uses, if McCarron thinks “worry about you” is a tactic that works in this country in this century with this technology, he must have grown up in Haiti.


The Brazilian jewelry firm Brilho Infinito is making 1,283 commemorative Pele figurines in time for the World Cup, 1,283 being the number of goals that have been credited to him. Each figurine also has a one-carat diamond made from carbon extracted from Pele’s hair.

His hair. Diamonds made from the hair on his head.

You poor folks who have shaved your heads for vanity reasons have thrown away million – millions, I tell you.


And finally, you think Tiger Woods will be watching The Masters? No, unless part of his surgical rehab involves biting chunks off his pillow every few minutes.

Ray Ratto is a columnist for CSNBayArea.com