Holliday on Cain's retaliation: 'Less than tough'

November 16, 2012, 2:14 am
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The Giants are still wiping the champagne from their eyesafter winning their second World Series in three years, but theres alreadysome bulletin board material for next season.Matt Holliday, who took out second baseman Marco Scutaro in Game 2 of the NLCSbetween the Giants and Cardinals and was later hit by a Matt Cain pitch in Game7, went on record with some questionable comments."There aresome things Id rather not say. I think Cain said that the ball slipped outof his hand and got away from him, thats just part of the game. Honestly, Idont know. It seems on purpose. I wish that if he wanted to hit me, hewouldve just done it on the first pitch in the next game he had pitched. Youknow, if youre going to do it, do it, get it out of the way. But to do it, Idont remember what the score was but it was out of hand, thats about it. Ithought the timing of it was.I dont want to get into it. I wasnt thrilledabout it."Maybe Holliday is confused about the concept of context. If were to assumethat Cains pitch was in fact intentional, it makes sense that it would come ata time when the Giants had a commanding lead. Giving Holliday a free trip tofirst base with a trip to the World Series still up for grabs would makeabsolutely no sense. Holliday, though, wouldve preferred the Giants retaliation was immediate."Ifyoure going to do it, I think that is when you do it. I wouldnt be happyabout it anytime. I just thought that in the situation that it actually didhappen it was less than tough."Less than tough? This guy?The Giants apparently didnt get Hollidays suggestion. Maybe theyll apologizewhen they host St. Louisin the home opener on April 5.