Iguodala's provocative tweet at New Zealand

Iguodala's provocative tweet at New Zealand
September 3, 2014, 6:30 pm
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Players start getting money in grammar school for committing in high school to college teams. It just never gets worse in college sports.
Ray Ratto

England, the losers in the Revolutionary War (or the War Of Western Aggression, if you still live in Europe), has spoken out on its favorite NFL teams.

Well, 500 fans have, anyway, via Tuesday Morning Football, and the results are . . . well, kind of meh.

The favorite teams: The Packers, then the Jaguars (still rumored to be London’s best bet of getting a team), followed by the 49ers; the Raiders are ninth.

The least favorite teams: the Patriots, Cowboys, Jets and Giants (49ers ninth, Raiders 11th).

The teams that cast no shadow: Tennessee (49ers 30th, Raiders 25th).

And the overall favorability scores: Jags first, 49ers 15th, Raiders 20th.

And the Raiders have to play there this year. Boy, there’s a selling point: “We’re the 13th least favorable team, so come buy a ticket.”


Andre Iguodala is no shrinking violet, so his tweet after the USA’S easy FIBA World Cup win over New Zealand was provocative and to the point:

“New Zealand thought they dance was gone intimidate us.... That ain't nothing but the A town stump!”

He was, in short, dismissive of New Zealand’s traditional haka dance before all international sporting events, to which Steven Adams, whose winter job is as backup forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, responded:

“Show some respect for my culture.”

Someone’s elbow is going to meet someone’s face in November. Bank on it.


Michael Sam doesn’t get a piece of the action from the Dallas Cowboys selling replica practice jerseys.

In that way, he is an NFL player playing by college rules. Sometimes, you see, time is a circle rather than a straight line.


Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma has been turned in by another program for calling to congratulate Little League phenom Mo’ne Davis for her work in Williamsport. Davis has been public in her interest in playing at UConn when the time comes, so another school called the conference office to report a recruiting violation, which apparently cannot be because the NCAA defines a prospective student athlete as “a student who has started classes for the ninth grade.”

You know what happens now, right?

Players start getting money in grammar school for committing in high school to college teams. It just never gets worse in college sports.


If you have $595 and the number to The Ultimate Fan Experience, you can take a bus from Candlestick to the Coliseum on December 4 to see the 49ers play the Raiders. You get upper level end zone tickets, a 49ers travel bag and hat, and drinks and snacks on the bus.

Or you can drive to the stadium, buy tickets from a scalper, and tailgate like everyone else.

Or you can stay home and skip the whole degrading process.

Consider it a serious gullibility test.


NHL commissioner Gary Bettman leaped into action Wednesday to deny a 10-day-old story about a four-team NHL expansion, calling it a “complete fabrication” and complaining in purely Bettmanic fashion that “The part of the story I found particularly difficult was suggestion we would sell four franchises for $1.4 billion is way too low. It undervalues our franchises.”

Okay then, Gar’ Bear, riddle me this: Why did it take you more than a week to get around to badmouthing the story? Were you on a 168-hour power nap? Paying attention in the summer is, well, part of the job.


And finally, Liverpool’s new toy Mario Balotelli is about to move into a new toy – a $7.8M mansion called “Steppingstone” in nearby Cheshire.

First, if your house has its own name, it’s enormous -– five bedrooms/ten bathrooms/temperature-controlled system of caves enormous.

Second, if you remember how he burned down his home in Manchester by shooting fireworks out his master bathroom window, you’ll have a very important question to have answered:

Why the hell does this man have a heliport?