Jackson's Return Surprisingly Uneventful

January 30, 2010, 4:47 pm
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Jan. 30, 2010

The story before the Warriors-Charlotte game was StephenJacksons return. Afterward, it was about another poor performance by GoldenState.There were boos for Jackson, but there wasnt a whole lot ofoomph to them. A late-arriving crowd did the best it could at the start, but bythe time everyone had gotten settled in the Bobcats already were in control.By that point the boos were more harmless than helpful, andthey got weaker as the night wore on. Jacksons return was uneventful, the onething you figured it wouldnt be.Thats the partthat was too bad about Charlottes 121-110 win over the Warriors on Friday:that it was so routine. You had to think something more was going to happen, whatwith Jackson coming back to Oakland for the first time since he was tradedunder, shall we say, less-than-ideal circumstances back in November.But it never did. Jackson dropped a cool 30 for the secondstraight night and the Bobcats rolled. Charlotte was up six at half, added toit in the third, then was up big most of the fourth.Seen that before. The Warriors were hammered again on the glass. Thatscommonplace. Theyve onlyoutrebounded an opponent six times (of 45) this year.Monta Ellis, Corey Maggette and Stephen Curry scored a lotof points, and nobody else did much of anything. Been there done that.It was all rather ordinary on a night when the Warriorsdropped to 13-32. And thats the last thing you expected when Stephen Jacksonreturned.
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